Uber-Popular Handwriting Recognition Software Graffiti Comes to Android

Remember Palm?  No, the old Palm.  Remember how convenient it was to write on your device and have it recognize your writing?  That software was called Graffiti and it pretty much went the way of the dodo bird, no thanks to today’s touch screen phones.  Billed as the world’s most popular handwriting recognition software, Graffiti is back in the form of a free Android app.  Users can input letters, numbers and characters quickly and easily by sliding their fingers on the touch screen.  Graffiti also comes with built-in screens to help users learn the strokes for each character.  Download it from the Android Market today or scan the barcode below!

Scan to download Graffiti!
  • you do realise that "uber" means over, and not "super" as everyone seems to think?
    sorry, it really bugs me when it is mis-used

    • sam

      yeah, I think you need to check the dictionary. the direct translation from german for the word uber does mean over, but the word uber in the english language does mean, "being a superlative example of its kind or class" or "to an extreme or excessive degree"

      I'll have to DL and try the app, doesn't seem like it will be as efficient as even an onscreen keyboard, but who knows.

    • Kevin O’Connor

      You do realize that uber as over in German means superior to not just above…So it translates conceptually(Not Literally) to super…Get it?

    • Mike

      Über – literally is over as in the best of or above in the extreme. The word Über is properly used, in this case it means in the non-literal “farm more popular than normal as in the expression “over the top”. It does not mean as seen in the literal “over popular” which you seem to indicate. Translation is not about the literal but about the meaning inferred often times. Oh and it bugs me when people post stuff that is wrong.

    • Garg

      … and what do you think “super” means? Used in i.e superficial?

    • Gen

      …And, do you realize that “Super” also does actually mean “over” — as in supersonic — over/above the speed of sound. Check the Latin root.

  • russ

    I don't see this better better or faster than SWYPE or Shapewriter.

  • Callum

    Its shit. I fail at using it anyway…

  • I'm going to guess it's for 1.6 upwards, as my Cliq can't find it in the market.

  • Almahix

    I loved grafitti back in my Palm days, and I think Id like to try it, but the QR and links don't work. Maybe the market is haywire.

  • Works on my Eris when I scan it with "Barcode Scanner".

  • wij

    hmm, it looks wonderful app..

  • Scott

    I knew when I save all my old pilot styluses that they'd come in handy.

  • I think it's more for nostalgia. For those of us that had the old-school Palm Pilots, (I remember my Handspring.) it was how we "wrote." It's like going back in time. I highly doubt it would be any faster, especially compared to Swype, but it's like playing the 1985 Super Mario Brothers on the NES. No, it's not fast or that great, but we remember it from our younger days, and it's just fun!

  • xarophti

    Hey, another old Handspring alum! Actually, I think the port works very well. There are certain applications for which I like it very much. (and Hubby never did like tiny keyboards, hard or virtual). Great for entering text "blind". Sometimes I find it much faster than checking if Swype got it right.

  • Jim

    Can’t download via barcode. Also can’t find

  • Mike

    Works on my rooted G1 running Cyanogemod, I missed graffiti, works OK but I really need to have a faster phone.