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AndroidcreationsOne of the most talked about features of Android 2.1 was the addition of live wallpapers. A live wallpaper is similar to a normal Android application and has access to all the facilities like GPS, accelerometers, network access, etc, thus adding a truly rich and interactive experience to your home screen. The stock Android 2.1 came pre loaded with a good collection of live wallpapers, and the Android Market also offers a lot of downloads. But there were not too many places on the Internet that showcased a healthy collection of them under one roof. Enter

The website is neatly arranged in a grid format, with detailed information and accompanying videos for most of the downloads. This website features some fantastic live wallpapers.  From the brilliantly simple ‘Falling Snow’ to the really complex (and possibly battery draining) Super Mario, this website has wallpapers to suit every taste. However, you are advised to keep a tab on your battery while using some of these wallpapers. Once you click on a wallpaper, you are taken to the developer’s site where you can download the wallpaper using a QR code or as an .apk file on your SD card.

There are a whole bunch of free wallpapers like Green live, Spin box, Shake them all and my favorite, Zoom Field. To discover more free live wallpapers click on the “free” tag at the bottom. Most of the premium wallpapers are priced in the range of $0.99 – $2.20. There is also an overall index of wallpapers.

It was a really satisfying experience spending time on this website and we will be sure to keep ourselves updated on the latest addition to the world of live wallpapers. Please leave your comments below and let us know what you think!

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  1. Nathan
    July 23, 17:45 Reply

    website seems to be really glitched. it forces the mobile mode on constantly on firefox, IE, and chrome on my PC.

  2. Paul
    July 23, 17:49 Reply

    Hello, I am the developer of this site. Im currently also using Chrome and have tested it using the above browsers. I shall look in to this problem for you.

  3. Paul
    July 23, 20:26 Reply

    Problem should now be resolved! :)

  4. Nathan
    July 24, 00:08 Reply

    @Paul: yup working great now. awesome site. now all i need is froyo so LWP's will actually work with launcherpro lol

  5. Brian
    July 26, 13:04 Reply

    I enjoyed the site but had a hard time downloading the items. I think it was more of a problem with appbrain than the apps. I even purchased the city live wallpaper based on this site.

  6. Paul
    July 27, 21:08 Reply

    Improvements made to navigation. Click on image to view full specs instead of button :)

  7. Travis
    August 24, 20:55 Reply

    My Droid Eris has 2.1. How do I enable Live Wallpaper?

    • meysam
      December 07, 14:18 Reply

      1.install apk live wallpaper on your phone
      2.go to home page and press change wallpaper live wallpaper and enjoy

  8. spydie
    November 12, 18:37 Reply

    This website is now defunct.

  9. upasana
    December 16, 08:57 Reply

    i m indian but i live in armenia..i have samsung galaxy si9000 ,,,m not able to download applications for my phn …there r only few applications which i can download..but they r not soo gud…i searched on internet ..i found soo gud applications but i cannot download it ..plzz suggest me for this….

  10. upasana
    December 16, 09:01 Reply

    i have one more question…that i downloaded hello kitty wallpapers ..they r not live ..but when i use those wallpapers they just apper half ..i mean half on 1 page and half on another page..i have ti slide to see another half… there any setting for the wallpapers in galaxy s i9000…

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