Awesome Android Stencil Lets You Mock-Up Apps on Paper

We first saw this piece of awesomeness from one of our twitter friends, Matt Cutts, when he posted it on his timeline in Twitter.  The above stencil was created to allow App Devs to be able to mock up what their potential app is going to do on pencil and paper.  As you can see, it has a majority of the icon’s used in Android, allowing you to create whatever your heart desires in the context of the app you might be developing.  This could also be handy for simple graphic design and doodling as well!

It retails for $24.95, and can be ordered online from, go check it out!

  • Chris Mc

    Just ordered one. I believe theres more on the reverse side that u can use. I beleive they are indented so you put them under the paper and rub over it with the pencil. Handy thing