BlindType, the Next Big Thing?

There’s a new keyboard on the block and its name is BlindType. As the name and suggests, it’s very tolerant to inaccurate typing. It’s not meant for blind people, but for blind typing. This could be the biggest typing breakthrough since Swype. You can even type without a visible keyboard. BlindType recognizes where you touch the screen and corresponds with the letter that would be there.

The BlindType team is working on both Android and iOS versions, though it’s unlikely a 3rd party keyboard will be approved by Apple. We’ll keep you posted as best we can.

What do you think? Would you use BlindType on your Android device?


Via Engadget

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    • tottyrice
      July 24, 23:37 Reply

      i agree if this thing is for reals i'll cough up some cash for it in an instant!!!

  1. theweakend
    July 23, 15:39 Reply

    ehe I'll stick with swype but i do dig the invisible keyboard wish they would add that to swype. Plus i hope there is a way to disable sounds on this thing they are so annoying

  2. Mykalai Kontilai
    October 14, 13:54 Reply

    i am very excited to use this blind type keyboard its really very good product

  3. Gustav Brändström
    October 21, 06:45 Reply

    This Android App Description A Baby Sounds Soundboard that allows you to select from the 27 sounds you enjoy and use the…

  4. Arlene Stubbe
    January 17, 03:47 Reply

    Well BlindType is a replacement software keyboard, but it’s one with a little twist. As the name might suggest

  5. cottages
    January 21, 07:37 Reply

    it’s unlikely a 3rd party keyboard will be approved by Apple.

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