Groupon Android App Now Available

As an Android enthusiast, I love it when developers listen to their customer base, making changes and rolling out apps that the masses want.  That’s exactly what the makers of Groupon have done, as they ported their iPhone app to the Android platform based on requests from their users

The quote from the Groupon blog:

A few weeks ago when we launched a revamped version of our iPhone app, we got a ton of requests for an Android app. We are happy to announce that the Groupon Android app is now available for download in Android Market for phones running 1.6 and up.  You can buy deals, access your purchased Groupons and find the ones that are nearby.

This goes to show that the Android user base is becoming something to be reckoned with.  Keep telling the devs of your favorite apps that you want to see Android versions of them, it seems that some of them are listening!

Now Android users who are using Android 1.6 and up (another smart move, not alienating those who are still waiting for updates to 2.1) can download and use the Android Groupon App from the Market.

If you are unfamiliar with Groupon, it is a service that offers one major deal a day in your city or area.  Usually it is a deep discounted service or item, and Groupon sets a minimum number of purchases to activate the deal.  For example, a local gym is offering 3 classes for $20, when they would usually charge $60 for them.  Groupon says that at least 20 people have to buy the deal for it to become active.  Once 20 people do, all their credit cards are charged and they are given a voucher to claim their savings.

It is a pretty ingenious way to crowd source savings, it is a win-win for all involved, the customer gets a deep discount, the service provider gets good exposure.

The app is available now in the Market. Use the barcode below to scan and download now!

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  1. davidrea
    July 23, 14:47 Reply

    The Groupon app – and the service in general – are awesome! If you're not already a groupon user, and live in a Groupon city, sign up! The app offers the full functionality of the web site, and is very attractively designed too. Bravo, Groupon, for putting together a great Android offering!

  2. Brian
    July 26, 12:53 Reply

    I don't live in a groupon city so it doesn't really benefit me. I signed up though through a local city to see what it was all about. I might continue but it seems like a site that only really encourages you to spend money on things you normally wouldn't.

  3. John
    August 12, 19:37 Reply

    Almost all the daily deal Web site have the Mobile apps, so no wonder if groupon create the apps for all platforms

  4. Jo
    August 26, 08:42 Reply

    I scanned the bar code with my Samsung Moment Android platform, but I only get a message when I go to the URL that says “ther are no matches in Android Market for the search : pname:com.groupon.” A search on Groupon on in the Market seems to only yield one app for Chinese Groupon. Can you help? I would love to get this app. I’m a BIG Groupon user. Thanks.

    • Chris
      August 31, 19:25 Reply

      Same problem. Sanned bar code using Motorola Cliq and get “there are no matches in Android Market for the search : pname:com.groupon.” Only find Chinese Groupon in Market.

  5. Hillmer
    September 17, 18:41 Reply

    Groupon has recently launched in Lima, PERU but I am unable to download the Android App from the Market.

  6. App Developers
    May 16, 18:28 Reply

    The Android App Market has to catch up to all of the mobile phones being sold and the larger user base! We are looking forward to many many more Android apps. Clients are now asking for Android before iPhone apps.

  7. JMartinez
    September 21, 08:20 Reply

    How do you sign out of the groupon for the android app. I was trying to let someone sign in through my phone and couldn’t sign out of my own..

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