Samsung Ad Takes a Dig at Antennagate

Samsung’s latest print ad for the Galaxy S series of phones is one of those coy, but highly effective swipes at a competitor.  Without calling the iPhone 4 out directly, it’s very obvious what the handset maker is hinting at.  It says everything without saying anything.

Might we add how nice it is to see the green Android logo sitting there rather prominently?

Source: Twitpic, Samsung Hub

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  1. Dan
    July 23, 14:22 Reply

    I think you’re seeing what you wanna see here. A cell phone ad with signal bars is a crack at iphone 4 all of a sudden? Really?

    • Billl
      July 23, 18:29 Reply

      it's more of a swipe at AT&T in general with their more bars in more places campaign.

  2. FeelStupidNow?
    July 24, 08:50 Reply

    Cant be a swipe at ATT cuz they do sell the galaxy S with ATT. If i was HTC, Samsung, or Moto i would run an ad simply saying "We know touching phone antenna will cause it to lose signal, that's why we hide ours inside and in a place where people dont normally touch while using the device."

  3. Ian
    July 26, 03:30 Reply

    At least Apple update their phones, unlike Samsung.

    Samsung stops to support their phones only sosme months old int the market, to force you to buy another.

    Don't waste your money, avoid Android Samsung phones.

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