More Payment Options for the Android Market

In a short post on the Android Developers Blog, Google’s Tim Bray mentions that the Android team is working on “introducing new payment options” for the Android Market. Based on the portions of the Developer Agreement that are changing, it sounds like the change will involve a wider roll out of carrier billing as an option when we purchase apps.

Currently, T-Mobile USA is the only carrier that lets its customers put app charges on their monthly phone bill. I’m sure having that option would be a welcome change for other carriers’ customers, especially those who dislike or can’t use Google Checkout.

Given that the Developer Agreement changes take effect in 30 days, our guess is that the changes are at least a month out.

  • I hope this might sort out the fact that when you pay for an app in another currency that isn't yours, you get charged an overseas fee, Google checkout should convert it for you so there no need in getting charged by your bank. E.g. like the itunes store.

    • What kind of fee are you getting hit with? All I've ever noticed is the conversion rates, which are necessary. Are you getting some extra fee on top of it?

      • I've heard that some banks tack on a fee. Which sucks. My bank, like yrs, Clark, doesn't add any kind of fees.

      • For example I bought beautiful widgets which was about 1.49 USD, when I checked my bank statement It shows the conversion to £ (Sterling) and then charged me about £1 (1.20USD) overseas fee. From using paypal a lot and buying items in dollars, this comes down to google checkout not doing the conversion rate when you buy, paypal doesn't have this problem because it converts before hand.

        Rant over

  • M_1

    TANSTAAFL. Somebody has to pay that exchange rate. Life in the real world dictates "somebody" is the customer.

    Losing the T-Mobile option is one of the things I hate about changing up to a third-party ROM. Actually it's probably the only thing I hate about it. Google Checkout is awful — for both the buyer and the developer.

    Wish they'd give us PayPal support.

    • I've never understood why buyers dislike Google Checkout. Once you have it set up with a credit or debit card number (which is like a five minute process on a desktop computer), it's totally painless and transparent.

      What are the problems you've had with it?

      • M_1

        For starters — and it's a big one — everything through Google Checkout is significantly more expensive. Somewhere around 10% on average. That's just ridiculous.

        • Hmm, I should have clarified– I meant as a payment method for the Market, where prices are the same regardless of payment method, no?

      • I can't buy anything priced in anything but US$, that's a pretty annoying limitation IMO.

        • That's weird. Not a Google Checkout issue, tho, as I and loads of other people can buy apps priced in foreign currencies (see comments above about conversion rates, for example).

          • No it's a Google checkout issue, the reason is because I have a Discover card set as my CC in Google Checkout, of course the error you get when you try to buy something priced in pounds or euros doesn't tell you that, it only tells you tat you "don't have a valid credit card" I had to dig around Google Checkout help section to figure out why it doesn't work.

            Sure I could use a Mastercard instead of Discover but I shouldn't have to.

          • I can buy any app in any currency but once I'be bought it through my uk debit card I get a nice overseas charge which make cheap apps not so cheap anymore.

      • If you use Google Apps, and an administrator of the organization changes your password, your Google Checkout account is promptly suspended.  I went through the process of “requesting” that it be reinstated over a week ago (of course through a web form…there is never a way to deal with a human being) and so far I have heard nothing back.  Since I cant use any other payment service, I’d say I am pretty stuck.  THAT is the problem I have had.  I am starting to really hate Google.

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  • Tim

    I can confirm that Santander (UK) charges £1.25 per transaction when buying apps through Google checkout that are priced in a currency other than UK pound. This REALLY sucks and will stop me purchasing anything from the App Store that isn’t priced in sterling.

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  • Kim

    Can i buy themes using Phone Cash on android market ?

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