TouchWiz Launcher Ported to Un-Rooted Nexus One Handsets


If you haven’t seen or found it by now, it is time you know about it. Apparently a hacker over at XDA-Developers has ported the Galaxy S TouchWiz UI to the Nexus One in launcher format. That’s right, you can now install the TouchWiz UI on your N1 using a simple APK file! Having just tried it, I can tell you that it works very well, but users should be warned it is VERY slow.  You will especially notice the speed difference if you are or have been using using ADW Launcher of Launcher Pro.  Hit the source link to download and install! As always, let us know what you think!

Source: XDA-Developers


  1. Hmm, seeing how all of the reviews I've read of the Galaxy S series said that the only BAD thing about this phone was the TouchWiz UI, I can't see myself going anywhere near this.

  2. Tried it, it's pretty awful. Slow, and makes the app menu bit look like iPhone – so boring! Have uninstalled and def won't be using this again!

    Previous iPhone users will prob like this on the actual Galaxy S, but Android users will hate it

  3. Having owned a nexus one and now a vibrant, I think it's a great interface when it runs smooth… Screens of apps are much better than the Rolodex, IMO; and there are a lot of other nice touches aside from the launcher. It's too bad they kept the touchwiz name for it considering the travesties that preceded version 3.

    • I'm thinking of making the same change (im hesitant to call it an upgrade) from the nexus to the vibrant. How is it? I feel like I would miss the trackball and the flash a little (although i mostly only use them in ways they werent intended such as trackball wake and a LED flashlight) is it worth it?

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am pretty sure that the phone in the picture is in fact, a rooted phone. It's running both Superuser and CyanogenMod. If you are going to post an article claiming that it's on an unrooted phone, then why would you post a picture of a rooted phone? I'm sorry, but that discredits this site, and the author in my opinion.

    • Srdork you are wrong. If you read the forum posting others claimed it works without root,
      And its also worked on a non rooted Droid.

      In all, touchwiz is ugly.. don’t know why would anyone want
      it, especially on a nexus, but again that’s my opinion.

  5. This is buggy on my nexus one with androind 2.2. Add a folder to the home screen and try to view it. The folder is is all stretched and yoy can’t click on anything.. can’t seem to get rid of it unless I restart the launcher. Oops.

    Not worth it and its ugly.