Android 3.0 Test Build Unofficially Breaks Cover?

Interestingly, our friends over at Phandroid have received a picture of a Nexus One supposedly displaying a version of Android 3.0(Gingerbread?).   While I am extremely excited about the possibility of this, I am also very skeptical about a test version of Android  3.0 in the wild this early. Also, we have to remember that it is extremely easy to fake the firmware version using a little Photoshop. If this is real, why are they covering the top portion of the Nexus One? Does this even look like a Nexus One to any of you?  It does a little bit to me.

So, what do you think? Is this real? Is it already possibly in the wild? Haha, will we get a leak (maybe overly optimistic)?

Source: Phandroid

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  1. velazcod
    July 27, 00:25 Reply

    Why would they hide the baseband version? Oh wait, I don't think you can fake that, and I doubt it to be the same, something tells me…

  2. @AndrewPalozzo
    July 27, 00:26 Reply

    Lol real or not… what it mean… nothing at all… we know their working on Android 3.0, but this shows nothing. So we're still at square 1.

  3. @ChainsDD
    July 27, 00:35 Reply

    Maybe they covered the top to avoid revealing a trick new notification bar. Gingerbread is supposed to bring some major UI overhauls…

    Or maybe I'm just being optimistic…

  4. spyderman
    July 26, 20:42 Reply

    I think this device is actually a Moto Droid… not a Nexus 1. That would explain the covering of the top of the phone (to hide the Motorola logo).

  5. Andrew
    July 27, 00:45 Reply

    Noticed one thing different…. On my Nexus One it says: Android version 2.2…… on that screenshot it says Firmware version 3.0…… soooooo MAJOR change right there. 😉

    • Alessandro
      July 27, 03:49 Reply

      older versions of android say that. so maybe he has cyangeon mod 5 and he just edited the build.prop file to say 3.0

  6. Tyler
    July 26, 21:42 Reply

    It’s definitely a Nexus One, the edges are gray. They’re probably covering up something new and sexy in the notification bar.

  7. Yuri Andropov
    July 27, 02:13 Reply

    Seriously, what is this photo telling us? The only possible thing is that the new OS is versioned 3.0. Even if it's totally legit and accurate, I can't see how this is news. Thanks Mr Leaker, but so what? It's like leaking just the inof that Apple will have a new iPhone next June. I could have guessed that myself…

  8. ziddiri
    July 27, 02:27 Reply

    I think this is a new phone that haven't released yet. So he/she is covering top and bottom of the phone, I think. I think it's real and why not?

  9. rbware
    July 27, 02:32 Reply

    It doesn't make sense for that to be a real version of android gingerbread (3.0). Anyone can simply change the build.prop file to say version whatever. I could make mine say android 10.5 if I wanted to. Also, gingerbread is supposed to come with a major UI overhaul (right??)… you mean to tell me that they left the listView, scroll bars, and font all the same? Not even a minor change to that. It seems too sketchy to me.

    • Yuri Andropov
      July 27, 02:42 Reply

      Exactly. Here's another thing to consider: Gingerbread is NDAed. In theory, if this were true, this guy risked his job, maybe career, for a screen with just a 3.0 version number on it.

  10. NeutralStanding
    July 27, 07:17 Reply

    It's obvious that phandroid wants to boost their website's ranking and fame, thus controversies are required…

    Just making a bunch continuously debate over "yes/no" will turn it into a hot topic.

  11. VZWRocks
    July 27, 07:42 Reply

    This is pretty clearly a Droid Incredible, and I think it's fake.

  12. VZWRocks
    July 27, 07:44 Reply

    Why is a new notification bar a good thing? It's actualy one of the best things about Android and I for one hope they leave it the way it is.

    • @JonO_Ballin
      July 27, 12:15 Reply

      no no, he means the look of it, nothing major changes to the way it works, just the look is what their doing.

  13. dubyajaysmith
    July 27, 09:39 Reply

    I looked at it on my nexus one and it probably is because of the thin grey strip and balck glass to the screen. A side from that I wouldn’t believe it to much. Like previously said how’d risk it. Plus I’m still the only person/nexus one that has official froyo. Its a bit to early for this again =D

  14. NEXUS
    July 27, 12:08 Reply

    Is Nexus One, look model number

  15. Miguel
    July 27, 19:06 Reply

    It's fake. On my Nexus the top option is "System Updates". The scroll boar at the right is at the top position in the photo. Did 3.0 remove "System Updates" from the menu. I think not….

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