Android Playstation Emulator Released!

One of the nice things about having one of the current gen Android handsets is the ability to run different video game emulators.  I have really enjoyed playing old school Zelda and Metroid along with some SNES goodness on my T-Mo Vibrant.

Now it seems that some enterprising soul has decided to compile and release a Playstation One emulator for higher end Android handsets!  Available now in the Android Market for $5.99, PSX4Droid allows you to play many of the titles that you spent hours on and loved when you were younger.  Here is a list of features for the app, notice that it allows you to use a wii-mote to play:

  • Uses formats BIN,ISO,IMG,PBP,Z,ZNX, and Eboot (compressed too)
  • WiiMote controller works
  • Trackball and D-Pad
  • Memory card & save states.
  • Virtual control overlays
  • Scaling modes

We have not tested this app as of yet, but rest assured we will be soon and will have a review up on how it performs.  Again, you really need to have a higher end Android device to run this app, a G1 probably will not have the horse power to make it happen.  Also, word is the dev of this app will be working on a N64 Emu soon as well.

Use the barcode below to scan and download with your device!

  • bob

    dont waste your money, google WILL delete that app because its illegal and it will get wiped from your phone

    • Ugh

      You do realize that there are other emulators on the Android Market that have been there for years now…

      • romeo

        a do you have the nin 64 app and how do i get the free app.i search the market i used the web and still like nothin i found.i have the gba,snes,but that hardley ever work and the genesis

    • cocoabeach

      Only on iPhone OS is it banned (emulators are not allowed).

      But it's neither illegal nor will it get pulled. There is no grounds to do so.

      As mentioned by Ugh, there have been Genesis, Super NES, NES, even a Commodore64 emulator up there. I purchased and have been playing the Genesis and Super NES ones.

      What may be illegal is if they were shipping the ROMs for games to these emulators with the product. Don't do that… not a good idea. You should only have ROMs for games you purchased.

      • Danny

        Also, it would be illegal if he included the actual Playstation BIOS, which he didn't for legal reasons. In order to make this emulator work, you have to "somehow" obtain a Playstation BIOS image and place it somewhere on your phone where the emulator can find it.

      • romeo

        i used it and i got frodo c 64

  • matb321 on my moto cliq running blur 2.1 sweet……

  • Aladar

    If you are short on money, I wouldn't recommend buying it yet – there is quite a lot work to be done yet, lots of games run slow or dont display textures correctly/at all.
    But damn good job nonetheless, I'm sure he will fix it all up soon 🙂

  • God Dammit

    This may be a bit off topic, but how do I get the ROM data from a Gameboy Advance game off of the cartridge and on to my Nexus One phone? I'd love to be able to play Zelda 1 and 2 as well as the older Mario Bros games but as I understand it Nintendo specifically banned Mario Bros and Zelda games from being available on any NES ROM download website.

    • Akira

      You can’t without special equipment… so either you buy it online legally or download it for free online illegally…

  • Magius

    Emulators are not illegal, at least not in the US. Getting games for them falls into grey/copyright land which means it is up to the owner of the copyrights to pursue the matter. If the game is an orphan, there is no owner anymore, it is ok. If the game has an owner you are supposed to own the game and not distribute it online.

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