CyanogenMod6 RC2 is out!

Cyanogen has released CM6 RC2 for the Dream (G1) and Sapphire (MyTouch 3G). This is the second experimental version of the ever-popular CM6 ROM. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, CM6 is a Froyo ROM built by Cyanogen and Team Douche for your enjoyment. Thanks to Cyanogen, the G1 has long outlived its expiration date.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the CyanogenMod Dream development page and download CM6 RC2 for yourself! And thanks to Cyanogen and Team Douche for all their hard work and dedication.

  • Ethan

    Have YOU guys been living under a rock? This came out yesterday.

  • Is there a changelog anywhere? XDA says to go to github, but nothing is listed for RC1 or RC2. Anything?

  • Its a very bad news for CyanogenMod6 but I think it come back with updation…

  • Yay! Cant wait to see a nice Vibrant build on the market. Will be picking it up in a few weeks myself.

  • Installed and restored apps via the market fine. The new power control icon to disable 3g is a really cool idea. Still getting everything set up.

  • This is fantastic! I flashed defconoi’s CM6 nightly build 2 hours ago but I have to wipe and try out the official sauce Im Seeing The Same Thing On My Moto droid…Running CyanogenMod 6.0.0-RC1 With Android 2.2 Adobe Flash 10.1 And Skyfire.

  • That’s really nice to knowing about this yanogenMod6 RC2 is out! This is fantastic! thanks for sharing with us…

  • This is the second experimental version of the ever-popular CM6 ROM. Thanks for this such nice post!!!!!