Google Maps Updated! New Features, Places

places_categoryscreen_editedGoogle is on a roll with 6 updates for Google Maps coming over the last 6 months. Version 4.4 released today, brings us Places. The Places Icon allows you to search for locations near you, restaurants, hotels, ATMs, gas stations and more. You can even add your own custom searches as well. Simply locate the Places icon and long press to add to your home screen or you can access it via the application drawer.

With this update Google brings more features to its ever expanding location based services. Places offers you the ability to search and locate a place sorted by distance from your current location. The application addon has a few canned searches, You can also choose to add your own or freestyle using the search bar at the top. With the update comes an updated Place Page where you can find out all you need to know about the location price, directions, reviews and other business details. The Place Page also incorporates Directions, Turn By Turn Navigation, Calling, Street View and a show on Map function as well.  While browsing a Place Page you can swipe left or right, The gesture will take you to the next/previous search result.

Google Maps 4.4 is available for download in the Android market. Search for “Google Maps” or scan the QR Code below.



  1. I like the new 'places' update. It has replaced their separate 'Places Directory' app which I used a bit. The only gripe I have is that I, like the entire world apart from the US and UK, like to have my distances in metric and there's nowhere to change it that I can see.

  2. Just got that latest update for google maps on my evo.the version its right but I don’t see a places icon. I wonder if this is for 1.6 only

    • For some reason, I couldn't see the Places icon in the Applications menu until I turned the phone off and back on. I could, however, get to the Places app through the Search function before that. Hope that helps you.

  3. Hey, I remember that program! I used to have it on my Windows Mobile phone. It was called Windows Live Search before the name changed to "Bing" and it became utterly useless. Glad to see someone picked up the torch.

  4. so how is this any different than places directory? (apart from the new white look)
    what google really should do is focus on th mobile experience, e.g. include/updat their ‘My Maps Editor’ allow people to add revenues on the fly, things like that.

  5. Google Navigation is the biggest joke in the world. It is a major driving safety hazard because not only can it not reroute around traffic, you have to go into a menu, select the traffic view and tap the reroute button which does the same thing as the detour button on my old Magellan Maestro 3200 GPS unit. This needs to be done while you're driving down the road. If GPS software can't automatically reroute you around traffic it doesn't need to exist. The morons at Google need to fix this critical oversight.

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