Remove Bloatware from your Samsung Captivate


So you just bought yourself a brand new Samsung Captivate.  You are finding that you love just about everything except for say, fifteen preloaded AT&T titles.  Yeah.  There are a slew of apps that come installed on your phone, including AT&T Navigator, AT&T Radio, AT&T Maps, AT&T Music,  and AT&T Mobile Hotspots.  The first thing many of us want to do is remove the stuff we don’t want or expect to use.  Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as uninstalling an application. Thankfully, the XDA-developers have found a workaround that helps to remove all the junk you don’t want.

Before running off to do this, I should warn you.  The process involves rooting your Captivate as well as some sideloading of apps.  If you don’t feel entirely comfortable with the process, you may want to hold off.  Bricking a brand new phone always sucks and I’d hate to see you sitting with a Super AMOLED paperweight.  However, if you are brave enough, here’s what you do.  Head to this post at BriefMobile and follow the steps.  They are plenty detailed and should make sense if you follow them properly.

To be completely fair, AT&T is not the only carrier doing this.  Pretty much everyone across the board is loading something on the phone that was selected by the carrier.  Be it a game or branded utility app, Android phones are showing up with bloatware.  The Captivate from Samsung and AT&T just happened to be a recent example of a carrier stepping over the line.  As time goes, I fully expect to see more tutorials on removing other preloaded apps and utilities for phones.


  1. why do vendors not allow people to remove stuff they want to remove? why do vendors replace good apps with their crap version. i'm looking at you htc sense and the "people" and "internet" apps.

    also, please remove the bloat from your website too. i'm specifically talking about the annoying inline word highlighting that pops up ads. also, for some reason, your site won't work correctly with the posterous bookmarklet. the content on android guys deserves better formatting.

    • Why do vendors install crapware? Cash. Just that simple.

      Oh and dude, it’s 2010 and the ads are invasive. Get Firefox and install noscript now.

  2. some of the AT&T bloatware is using up my data allowance. Can I safely remove the gmail app? I can get gmail through the browser. Can I safely remove allshare? What is the purpose of this app?

  3. hello, just bought my captivate… im almost in love with it id like to delete these annoying pre loaded apps….but what does rooting mean and sideloading???? lol thanks

  4. If you need to know how to root your Captivate, then you should not be doing it. Rooting is basically jailbreaking your phone (for those who are Iphone sheeple). If you do not know how to properly root the phone, you could end up “bricking” the phone (a nice word to say you are screwed). Search it on youtube and see the endless vidoes showing how to root.

    • I know it was 10 months ago, but this is annoying me. This post contradicts itself. It says that if you don’t know how then you shouldn’t do it. Then it says watch youtube videos to find out how. Of course the second part of the contradiction is accurate, if you don’t know how, find a good tutorial.

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