The G1 is gone.

This is a hard article for me to write!  I feel like I am saying goodbye to a good friend, a comrade in arms, a companion that has been with me through thick and thin.  I remember the first time I saw the image to the left, and got really excited about the future of smartphones, and the fact that I finally would have an alternative to the iPhone.

The G1, is no more.  Meaning, T-Mo has stopped listing and selling the unit officially on their site.  Of course, there are still plenty out there you can get your hands on if you really wanted to, but the life cycle of the G1 has officially come to an end.

The G1 was a ground breaking device, the first to really challenge the iPhone’s dominance of the market, and the handset that gave birth to sites like our own.

The G1 is gone, a moment of silence needs to be observed as a piece of our history moves on.  We will always remember you.

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  1. Joey
    July 27, 09:38 Reply

    I just bricked my G1 last night

      • servo
        July 27, 14:25 Reply

        get a g1 offa craigslist for 90 bucks and then apply your upgrade for the htc lancaster , htc told me it'd be out sept.

  2. @ocifant
    July 27, 13:45 Reply

    …and I've still got 4 months of my original 18 month contract left, and the camera is bust and I can no longer get a replacement. Gee thanks, T-Mob!

    This is the third Smartphone I've had that has bust and has been considered obsolete before the end of contract. That can't be right in anyone's world, surely?

    I was considering a HTC Desire next, but don't want to risk an even longer contract than my current 18 month one. Do I give up on the whole Smartphone thing?

    It seems you're screwed whatever way you go: Early adopter? Niggles and continual updates to the OS. Wait for stability? No support and an obsolete phone halfway through the contract…

    Gee, thanks T-Mob!

    • giggsey
      July 27, 14:30 Reply

      If you adopt earlier in the product cycle, you'll be fine. I got a G1 about 4 months after it was launched, and got rid of it in May for a Desire.

  3. John
    July 27, 13:52 Reply

    I have a g1 and do not consider it obsolete. does it still do the same job it did when you purchased it? Especially running Froyo (Thanks to Cyanogen) I can be very picky when it comes to upgrade time.

  4. scholesville
    July 27, 10:17 Reply

    The G1 is still a capable phone even though it has passed it prime. I still use my G1, thanks to the development of custom roms out there, the G1 still is rocking. I have the Nexus One now, but I don't think I will ever sell off my G1. Its a testament of how good the G1 is despites it lacking hardware oomph. The G1 was the leader of the Android revolution and should be immortalised forever just like a hero.

    The G1 is the Godfather of Android Phone.

  5. Nick (Cha0sRider)
    July 27, 14:33 Reply

    I Feel your pain my friend. I actually bought my my wife and myself one over the phone. We both waited for days for it to arrive at our doorsteps. I remember my wife called me at work and screamed, "They're here!" So I told her to put them on the charger and wait until I got home. When I did arrive, I dashed into the door and set up our new phones. Running Android 1.0 for the first time seemed like the greatest thing I have ever felt in my life. I felt superior to any iphone that stood on my way. Well, as time went on my G1 and I have been through the worst and best possible situations. Recently, I upgraded my G1 and got that MyTouch 3G Slide. I felt it was a good replacement. I hacked my wifes old G1 phone and now it runs Android 2.2 with CyanogenMod 6 (RC-2). I keep my old G1 as a memory. A memory of the good times we shared together. I'm glad T-Mobile brought us together.

  6. MonSour
    July 27, 14:42 Reply

    The G1 obsolete??? No way, It's like the Energizer…It just keeps on going! And they said the G1 would never even run Cupcake? Well the G1 is still up to date, running the latest Android OS Froyo, thanks to developers like Cyanogen and Crew, XDA-Developers, and there are others, my unsung Heroes. G1 LONG LIVE THE Legend!!!

  7. Brian
    July 27, 14:43 Reply

    I'm gonna bronze mine when I move over the the Driod 2. the G1 is a fantastic phone.

  8. Pete
    July 27, 15:15 Reply

    Long Live the G1. Still going strong, thanks to CyanogenMod.

  9. Josh
    July 27, 15:33 Reply

    I've had my G1 since launch and today on it's final day my Vibrant arrives. What a fitting end to a great friendship.

  10. newspeak
    July 27, 12:13 Reply

    My g1 was one of the best phones I have ever owned it introduced me to android and was upgraded further then I would of thought possable …normally I try to sell smartphones when I move on but I just can’t get rid of the g1 now that I have a vibrant

  11. Ranter "Ranty" Rant
    July 28, 00:09 Reply

    See Motorola? THATS a decent EOL timepan…the damn device is just as darn good as the Milestone…still, HTC respected its costumers and made them not only feel what is like to have a good, supported device, but didnt make they feel they bought trash.

    kudos for HTC.

  12. kathi17
    July 28, 12:52 Reply

    Well said! I remember the excitement of the preorder, and the long wait until my trusty G1 got here. Thanks to Cyanogen and others, I'm still using mine until I find the upgrade I really want. I will never sell my G1, but keep it and remember how much fun I had flashing all of those roms and meeting all the great people in the Android community!

    I'll still flash my next phone, but it was the G1 that got me really excited in the first place.

  13. Justin
    July 28, 13:39 Reply

    I bought the G1 just a couple weeks after it came out. I remember everyone saying it was just another iPhone-killer wanna be, and that the Palm Pre was better, but I believed in it. I held on to it as long as possible until the battery could only last a couple hours, then I replaced it with a Nexus One. I still have my G1 for sentimental reasons.

  14. shaneaus
    July 28, 22:07 Reply

    I kept my G1 until last week when I upgraded my ATT contract to the Samsung Galaxy S aka Captivate. I was so disillusioned with the iCrap that I REFUSED to purchase one (didn't like the UI either!). I didn't care for my BB Curve, gave that to my wife as soon as the G1 came out. Bought one from someone on Craigslist who was too ignorant to know what he had within a week of it coming out! Had it unlocked and was running custom software at the earliest moment possible. I love my G1 – it is like the little engine that could. All the reviewers ranted about how horrible it was! But, I loved the keyboard (they later compared many keyboards to the G1 with the G1's KB being the better!), the screen was decent and Android ROCKED! I have my rooted G1 with CM6 on it sitting next to my computer. My 10 year old wants it to play games on… But, I just can't let it go!

  15. juan
    August 01, 07:31 Reply

    im 13 yrs old…and i got to say that th g1 waz the phone i licked the most although i never had one..and i when i whas going to get it they retired it

  16. Ahsen Pervez
    October 17, 12:11 Reply

    My G1 screen has broken but im still so much in love with it that i cant even think of selling it

  17. Lily
    March 28, 05:02 Reply

    Good! Thanks for sharing…

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