NookDevs Release New Firmware for Rooted Nooks


The NookDevs team have released a new version of their firmware for rooted Nook e-readers.  Released as v2.4.1, it’s based around the 1.4.1 released by Barnes & Noble a short time ago.  Those of you with rooted devices will be pleased to learn that some of the features included this time around consist of a file management system, helper scripts, and a fix to allow non-market app installations and upgrades.  A full list of details and rooting instructions can be found at NookDevs.

Source: The Digital Reader


  1. Lies! The nook isn't at 1.4.1–NookDevs are basing their update on nook's 1.4 software. NookDevs are only going 2.4.1 because it's the second version of their 2.4.

  2. Great review regarding the Nook Devs Release New Firmware,I had never try out these updates but seen some interesting i definitely want to update it.

  3. Have had the Nook about a week – upgraded firmware today. It’s a reader – not a BMW. Very easy on the eyes, wonderful feel in the hands – always hated keeping pages in place. All the extras works as advertised. Downloaded WAR today in about 20 seconds. I have the Wi Fi / 3g version – but the Wi Fi would be all one needs.