Teaser Site Goes Live for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Phone, Has “Vanguard” Written All Over it. Literally.

T-Mobile has just flipped the switch on for a website based around their next big Android phone.  Teasing us with a blank image of a smart phone, we’re starting to get more from the carrier in regards to its first HSPA+ handset they’ve been teasing us with.  Naturally, the first thing anyone does when visiting a new mini-site like this is to right-click the page and look at the source code.  Guess what one finds when browsing the code for this page?  You’ll find plenty of references to “vanguard” within the source code.

Putting the pieces in place, we’re getting more confident by the day that this will be the G1 Blaze/Vision device which has seen its share of leaks lately.  Look for more news as we approach the expected September 9th release.  We’d love to see what we might be  getting in addition to the rumored 1GHz, sliding QWERTY, and 3.7-inch screen.

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  1. Travis
    July 27, 19:43 Reply

    That silhouette looks quite thin to be packing a sliding QWERTY…

  2. Ryan
    July 27, 19:33 Reply

    Perhaps its unrelated, but interesting reference to “sidekick” in the server name.

    Hostname: first-hspa-smartphone.t-mobile.com
    Server: SIDEKICK-WEB01
    Time: 7/27/2010 4:13:56 PM
    Application ID: hspa_/LM/W3SVC/142/ROOT-2-129247438125828238
    Framework Version: 0.4.1007.439

  3. nick
    July 28, 06:28 Reply

    i REALLY hope it doesnt have a keyboard . .

    • DRew
      July 28, 17:51 Reply

      Me too! Im on Tmo and I REALLY need a new phone. I have a behold, so I refuse to buy the new Scamsung and everything else in the android lineup so far is just blah. I'd really like a new high end phone by HTC WITHOUT a keyboard. No, offense to qwerty lovers, but I don't need the extra bulk!

  4. Jim Leary
    August 26, 23:26 Reply

    Strange…. I right-clicked the site and selected “View Source” and nothing says “vanguard” in any of the coding… unless there’s a new “new site.” I went to g2.tmobile.com.

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