Droid Incredible Gets Froyo + Sense, Unofficially


The guys over at XDA Developers have finally managed to get a leaked version of Froyo on the Sense-packing Droid Incredible. Sounds amazing, right? Well, no one has reported any major problems with it as of yet, so it appears to be fully-working. A big thanks goes out to Scuccia, the developer on XDA who developed this great ROM, for all his hard work and dedication. Without committed devs like him, we wouldn’t have any ROMs to flash or MetaMorph files to apply.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on over to XDA and try this leaked ROM for yourself! Let us know in the comments how much you love (or hate) it. Can’t wait to hear from you folks!

And one more thing, always flash with caution and follow directions to a T. We don’t want to hear about any bricks out there! Happy flashing!

Source: Androinica


  1. Only flaw is an error when replying to emails using Gmail. So, grab the fixed Gmail.apk file and replace the buggy version after installing the new ROM, which is otherwise pretty spectacular.

  2. in my case, everything worked just fine. every feature, every app.
    The only thing i noticed is that after i installed, every time i restarted my Droid it will be lag for a bit. i performed a master reset and then everything works fine.
    I Do got to say is that i really miss the option to minimize the keyboard. but i guess another keyboard will do the trick

  3. I have everything or practically everything we’re supposed to get with 2.2 and I don’t have 2.2. Hmmm, very strange. I unrooted my phone to be able to flash radio then was going to root again but I don’t know, now

  4. Iphone is just one phone, one UI, one theme where Android has many new phone, many theme, many UI. So, it’s not that hard to understand why there are more article covering Android, but covering 1 phone with tons of article is nuts and The fact is I don’t hate the iPhone, I think it’s gorgeous, and it has the best looking and most responsive UI of any smartphone. I don’t want to have a smartphone war with you, you win.

  5. Actually, there are still plenty of people opting for the Droid. The Incredible is a nice phone, but make no mistake the Droid can, and does, handle everything the Incredible can. Plus lots of people would rather have a Droid over Sense any day. Like myself. My mother has an Incredible