Lumigon to Launch Android Handset In Time For Halloween


Danish company Lumigon has announced that they’ll be launching their first Android handset this October. The handset, known as the T1, will be launching on October 20th, with pre-orders beginning on September 20th. The T1 will sport a 480 x 320 resolution 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen, a Freescale 1Ghz i.MX51 processor, a 5MP camera with flash and some 720p video output goodness thrown in. WiFi, A-GPS, accelerometer, and Bluetooth are also included.

Want to know the best part? It boots Android 2.1. No word on whether or not Lumigon will update it to Froyo (or something else) in the future. Pricing and carrier availability have not yet been announced, but we’ll keep you in the know. Anyone planning to buy this handset?

Source: GizModo


  1. It looks sleek… but without the bottom. Also, the screen could have been bigger. And, is that the power button on the bottom? Last question, why no Froyo at launch? Seems to me like that’s a no brained.

  2. lol, yeah love that best part. Best part….*gets all excited*….running android 2.1…*air let out of the balloon*

    What exactly would be the worst part, then?

    And is that a physical dialer on the bottom? hahaha
    Does that double as the keyboard too? bahahaha

  3. There is one bit of sad news though. It seems like the phone will only be released with Android 2.1, while there is news that starting in August many phones will have updated to 2.2.nice one…

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  5. I wish the stock android UI would look similar to the first video showing of the 3D photogallery, a great OS but unfortunately very ugly, bland and dated. Hopefully 3.0 will look like that.

  6. This is an awesome update! first android  handset, known as the T1..has great features.. a 480 x 320 resolution 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen, a Freescale 1Ghz i.MX51 processor, a 5MP camera…this device will rock! waiting for  Pricing and carrier availability announcement!

  7. Nice handset with required technology and design but the people are also crazy about brand as they make some brand as benchmark of prestige,at this point may T1 will be defeat,let see what happen..