Sunlight Labs’ “Congress” Leaves Beta

After months in public beta and over 250,000 downloads, Sunlight Labs is announcing that their free Congress app is in the Android Market. Using GPS or ZIP code, the application works like a handy, one-stop-shop with a comprehensive list of Congressional activity. Find your local representative, track their voting records, catch up on the latest bills, and much more all from your Android phone!

I have learned more in the few hours I’ve played with Congress than I would have over the course of a month.  It’s easy to see why the beta was downloaded so many times; It’s full of substance and comes with a super-easy interface.  To not download this would be tantamount to treason!  Ok, maybe not.  Still, grab it.

Here are some the features of Congress, as detailed by the developer:

  • Read the latest bills and laws, and see how the votes were cast.
  • Find and call your members of Congress by using your phone’s location, a zipcode, a last name, a state, or by committee.
  • View your lawmakers’ latest votes, committee memberships, or a map of their district.
  • Read tweets and watch videos from lawmakers’ Twitter and YouTube accounts, or follow them in the news.
  • Easily share interesting bills across your social networks.
  • Add favorite lawmakers or bills to your dashboard, or create shortcuts on your Android home screen.
  • Coming soon: Real-time push notifications of votes, laws, and all sorts of other Congressional activities.

Read more about Congress at the Sunlight Labs page.