Android to make Google obscenely rich(er)?

It appears Google is expecting to put a little extra coin in its pockets. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Eric Schmidt said he thinks Android could bring in as much as $10 billion annually for Google, and based that estimate on the idea that Android could get to 1 billion users. Just because Google gives away Android for free, doesn’t mean they can’t still make money from it. If you have a billion users, it’s not that hard to imagine, really: that works out to $10 per user, per year. That doesnt seem so hard to accomplish, right? And more money for Google means more improvements and features in Android, which is a win for everyone.

Do you think Google can earn $10 billion per year from Android?

Via BusinessInsider

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  1. BogartOfElCajon
    July 29, 16:27 Reply

    If they keep improving android. They might get up to a billion users

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