Google Owns 98.29% of Mobile Search Market

All your mobile search are belong to Google.

According to a recent report from Statcounter, Google commands 98.29 percent of the mobile search market while their next closest competitor, Yahoo, sits at .81 percent.  Bing comes in third with .46 percent, the same as “other” combined search engines.  It’s worth pointing out that Google’s mobile share is higher than that of the desktop market while its competition is actually lower.  Sounds like people on the go really love Big G.

Looking back a year ago, Google’s mobile search share was at 95.58 percent.  Where will we be this time next year?

Our advice to AT&T is this: Go ahead and load Yahoo! and Bing onto your devices.  Giving users choice is awesome and we applaud that.  Just don’t be surprised when customers continue choosing Google.

Via: TechCrunch, Chart courtesy of Pingdom

  • theweakend

    Google: "Wtf is a is a Cowboy and a sound doing on this chart?"

  • Matt J.

    I was never impressed with Yahoo! search on the desktop, either. When it comes to returning relevant results. Yahoo! is about 5-7 years behind Google.

  • Google really makes search engine so good that its impressed by every one.I think that Google will go further more.

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  • I am not making fun of those 2 laggers but even in desktop searches, those two gave me hilarious result. And now that Google is integrated with Android, no shocking results that they lead the other Search Engine.