MyTouch 3G HD Showing Off It’s Backside?

Tmonews has brought to light another image of the hopefully up-and-coming newest member of the MyTouch family – The MyTouch 3g HD.

We all saw the picture of it and read about the possibilities of a front-facing camera.

Now, we are getting a look at the rear

As TmoNews said in the blog, there still is very little known about the phone, but pictures have surfaced at both Engadget and AndroidCentral.

What do you guys think?  Is this what we’ve been waiting for?  What will the specs look like?  Tell us your thoughts!

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  1. Ikeman
    July 30, 00:07 Reply

    It looks nice does that line on the bottom seem like a physical keyboard? But it will undoubtedly match it not surpass the best of the smartphones specs if they are smart. and what the screen size look like to yall? at least a 3.7 and im happy and FFC can go to hell i, personally, think its stupid. but apple did it now everyone want it.

    • nick
      July 30, 02:20 Reply

      fcc is the future, just like everyone thought text messaging was stupid once upon a time.

  2. littleman00
    July 30, 16:04 Reply

    Yeah, from the front it looks like a physical keyboard, which could make this a slider. The backside looks like it has a flash and what appears to be an outward-facing microphone, probably for noise reduction purposes. I own a 1st-gen myTouch 3G, and the video recording is sorely lacking, especially in the audio department, so I'm hoping the rear microphone can be used to pick up sound in video mode. Glad to see an optical trackpad in place of the trackball, though.

  3. company logo design
    July 31, 08:25 Reply

    All skins hate ui. I think it is a good idea to be able to have different expierence Android. I think Wiz touch sucks, but masks bike is OK, and the reason is ok. I hate it, if each carrier had different phones with the same expierence but I want to be able to disable all ui skin, so you can use Android stock if you choose too.

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