Samsung Details Galaxy S Series Phones in YouTube Video [VIDEO]

If you’re still on the fence, trying to decide whether or not you should pick up a Samsung Vibrant or Captivate, you’ll want to watch the following video.  If you’re not sure you even know what an Epic 4G or Fascinate is, you’ll want to watch this video.  If you’re brand new to Android and want to catch up on what all this Samsung Galaxy S talk is about, you know what we’re gonna say.  SamsungMobile USA has put together a 3-minute YouTube video that breaks down all the great features common in the new flagship line of smart phones as well as  feature unique to each design.

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  1. Warai
    July 29, 17:25 Reply

    1Ghz processor is twice as fast as leading android phones? Like the Incredible with a 1Ghz, or the Evo, or the Droid X. Amazing how 1Ghz in there phone is twice as fast as 1Ghz in everyone else's.

    • Tomaco
      July 29, 23:54 Reply

      Go watch some benchmark on youtube , you will see…

    • Danny
      July 30, 20:22 Reply

      Straight clockspeed has always been a horrible way to compare processors since two different chip architectures running at the same clockspeed can have vastly different actual performance speeds. That's what you're seeing here. The Evo uses a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, the Droid X uses a 1GHz OMAP processor, and the Galaxy S uses a 1GHz Hummingbird processor. They all run at the same clockspeed, but general performance speed differs greatly because of the different architectures, with the Snapdragon being the slowest and the Hummingbird being the fastest.

  2. Alex
    July 29, 21:38 Reply

    I believe that when they refer to it being twice as fast, they are talking about the gpu in the cpu.

  3. Rhia
    July 30, 02:40 Reply

    I'm lovin this phone, goodbye apple

  4. moises12
    July 30, 12:23 Reply

    I really love these phones and i personally thinks its one of the phone by the Samsung its have really great features and these phone make competition with the Apple phone.The only said part is its price.

  5. zulquaranain
    July 31, 02:15 Reply

    these phones have doomed iphone 4 market………..
    What about the major issue to most people – cost on contract.
    I got the galaxy s in the UK with 300/300/1GB for £150 + £15 x 24 months. The nearest iphone 4 deal to this is £170 +£30 x 24months.
    So iphone really costs 75% more. Check it yourself if you don’t believe me…………
    apple is totally destroyed

  6. james
    July 31, 06:23 Reply

    which galaxy s phone is the best and has high perforrmance with the latest features

  7. storm
    January 21, 12:54 Reply

    This info is invaluable. Where can I find out more?

  8. Jonatan Smith
    March 05, 06:24 Reply

    I really love these phones and i personally thinks its one of the phone by the Samsung which have really great features and these phone make competition with the Apple phone. The only said part is its price. Also I like HTC. It’s my favorite phone model. essay writing help

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