October 24, 2014

Astrid Takes a Huge Leap Forward

The popular todo list application, Astrid, has had a complete overhaul on its interface, and they’re inviting their loyal users to try out the new version BEFORE it hits the market!

Jon Paris writes a message to Astrid’s users over at todoroo’s, telling of the new features involved such as widgets, speed, and a new user-interface.

The new version is also poly-lingual.  You can help Astrid by “teaching” it your native language.  It “remembers” new words or slangs that you use on top of it’s database of 16 languages.

A quote from the post:

Ok, enough talk. If you are ready to try out the latest version of Astrid you can download it at: http://bit.ly/astrid3rc

Three quick notes before you upgrade:
1) you may need to configure non-market apps to be installed on your phone
2) make a backup of your tasks before you upgrade (menu -> more -> export tasks)
3) if you use Remember The Milk, do a sync before you update.

There is also an Astrid Power-Pack that can be purchased that gives additional features, that just may be well-worth the price of only $3.99.
Astrid is already one of the most popular todo lists on the market, and with this upgrade, it has only gotten better.  How many of you are currently using Astrid?  For those who do, have you upgraded yet?  If you don’t currently use it, what are you waiting for?