Invoice from Your Android Phone with PGM-Invoice


PGM Soft announced this week they are releasing both their demo and full version of PGM-Invoice to the Android Market.  PGM-Invoice is a simple program that allows users to fill in custom invoice information on the go.  The description on the company’s website is somewhat vague, but pictures are worth a thousand words.  The company uses screenshots to illustrate most of the application’s features, which seem detailed.  PGM-Invoice is available in the Android Market in a free demo version as well as a full, paid version for € 11.99.

Hit up the barcode to be taken to the market.


  1. If they could figure out a way to print the invoices on my portable HP bluetooth printer, I'd pay $50 for an app like this. I can't tell you how nice it would be to be able to make up an invoice from my phone and send it to a printer for printing.