March 31, 2015

Audubon Birds Comes to Android

Bird lovers who carry Android handsets in their pockets can rejoice!  The famous Audubon Society has released through Green Mountain Digital an Android app that allows you to browse their nature guides on your phone.

Available in the Market for $19.99, you are basically buying an electronic book developed for viewing on the go.  If you decide that you want to download these bad boys, be aware that you should do it over a WiFi connection, as they are almost 21mb in size!  

Let us know if you are planning on getting and using this app, we are interested to hear about the quality.

There were no pictures of the Android App at press time, but you can get the idea from the iPhone version pictured to the left.

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  1. Karen

    This has been out for awhile. I got it the day it released and it's a fantastic app. Worth every penny and space on my Evo!


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