LauncherPro Icons site goes live

LauncherPro is a pretty popular home replacement. With its pinch-to-zoom, custom docks, and endless settings, it certainly packs a punch. You can even change icons on the homescreen. A new website called LauncherPro Icons has launched, and, as the name suggests, it’s devoted to custom icons for LauncherPro. They also have some snazzy docks for download on the site.

So why are you still here? Check it out for yourself and make your LauncherPro one-of-a-kind!

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  1. B
    July 31, 15:40 Reply

    Just what I needed

  2. Stella
    July 31, 20:35 Reply

    Yeah! I've been looking for icons for my dock.

  3. @LauncherProIcon
    August 01, 05:32 Reply

    I'm the developer of said site. Please note that it is not owned or operated by the developer of LauncherPro, and all the icons and docks are submitted by artists in the LauncherPro community.

  4. Balticzar
    August 10, 16:53 Reply

    Hey, great app. Just paid for it today. How about a NY Giants themed dock? Thanks.

  5. business financing loan
    October 14, 07:47 Reply

    I think this application will really going to work good and it’s devoted to custom icons for LauncherPro,this will be the positive point for it.

  6. Clocks All Around
    November 08, 02:30 Reply

    These icons will only ever match the style of the default LauncherPro icons.Right now, nothing exists at, but I plan on eventually building out a similar service that is not limited to the LauncherPro style, but rather caters to any and all icon styles.

  7. Condo Target
    December 03, 06:56 Reply

    feel strange buying this because it is not Federico’s name on the program. So I dunno it just feels strange to me to buy something like this that doesn’t benefit the developer of the program.
    I am fine using the forums for now, I think.

    December 08, 06:30 Reply

    This was refreshing. I wished I could read every post, but i have to go back to work now… But I’ll return..

  9. Charlene Eames
    December 09, 01:41 Reply

    Well that’s is really nice to knowing about this LauncherPro Icons site goes live, thanks for sharing this with us…

  10. WebVisible
    January 20, 08:07 Reply

    No. These icons will only ever match the style of the default LauncherPro icons.

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