SCVNGR Announces Rewards for Check-Ins

The popular social networking app, SCVNGR, has begun offering some real rewards for checking in. gives us a great synopsis of how both venues and customers can benefit from using SCVNGR every time we go out.
To quote marketwire:

Today, we’re launching a new feature on SCVNGR. It’s a game element called the reward. And it’s a thing (like free coffee, half off a sandwich, a discount on dry cleaning or two-for-one ice cream sundaes) that you unlock from your favorite businesses, or reward to your happy customers, by earning enough points.

The national rollout is going to start out in ten major cities over the next two months, and then will escalate to other cities.  Certain venues like Journeys has already started offering rewards in their 800+ locations.

You may remember earlier in July, we here at Androidguys did a review on SCVNGR.  The trend seems to be catching on.  We’re not saying you have to stop using GoWalla or Foursquare (We did a review on that one, too!) but we are saying that you can rake in some serious prizes by using this free app.

What do you guys think?  Are you already using this app?  Have you done the social check ins and played the challenges with your friends?  Let us know how it’s working out for you!