New Build of Fennec Released and It’s Getting Quite Good

A brand spanking new version of Fennec, the mobile version of Mozilla’s Firefox currently in development for Android devices, has been released.  As many of you may or may not now, it is still currently in the pre-alpha to alpha stages, but it is getting a lot better.  With this new version we finally see it coming together (as much as an alpha product can). It is becoming not only more polished, but a lot faster. I am really looking forward to this when it launches officially in the market. Oh, right, make sure if you download it, you have a snapdragon device.  Without this, performance will be very poor.

Download it here. Let us know what you think! Definitely getting there.

Source: Droid-Life

  • I think it's BS to require a 1ghz processor on your phone, at least for this app. I have a stock myTouch 3G that I got at launch (barely a year ago), and I think it's stupid to make the consumer upgrade when phone contracts keep us tied to a device for 2+ years. I know, I know, technology moves fast, but most of us aren't rich and can't afford to change phones whenever we please.

    I like Android, but the main advantage iOS has over Android is that there's a standardized hardware spec, and Google should require all apps to run decently on even low-end phones. I'm not saying that my phone needs to run the best graphics-intensive app, I'm just saying that it should run well enough to be worth my time and/or money.

    For now, I'm skipping Fennec, and sticking with the fastest browser available on Android: Opera Mini.

    • EricB

      there is no standardized hardware spec for iphones. theyres been 4 models and each one has different hardware.

      • Sorry, I meant that because Apple makes both the hardware and the OS, there's generally only one major choice in iPhones per year. Meaning, if I were to go to the store to buy an iPhone, I'd most likely be getting the iPhone 4 because that's what Apple and AT&T are pushing. Yes, next year there will be a new iPhone, but I'm almost positive that, if I were to buy an iPhone today, a year from now I'd be able to run all the apps I'd want without having to concern myself with a new phone.

        A year ago, 1ghz Android phones didn't exist, and now that they do, there are quite a few applications that need them to run smoothly. There's a bigger hardware gap between Android phones that are a year apart and iPhones that are a year apart. I understand it would be time-consuming, and even costly, for developers to create multiple versions of their apps for the different specs, but if they only aim for the market share with the newest phones, they're ignoring potential sales.

        Put it this way, I can go to T-Mobile and still buy a myTouch 3G as well as the MT3G Slide and Samsung Vibrate. Each one has completely different specs. I'd be hard pressed to find an AT&T store that carried the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4, with only the iPhone 4 being a radical change compared to the previous 2 models.

        • DouglasLOL

          With this mindset you are just slowing down development. This is just an Alpha version… When it is released on the market you will, by then, have a 2yr old phone. I understand your plight, but development happens and this is not a required program for you phone. It is just like game development, if developers wanted everyone to be able to play their game on every type of computer, new and old, the game would be as stunning. The game would be just as crappy as the next, stop thinking about yourself and move on. You don’t even need the program. Stop Crying!

  • Liviu

    I think, for a game, you can request certain hardware but for a browser? I'm sure that: Fennec should come with something big if it want to defeat Opera Mini on Android.

  • Seagull

    Very buggy indeed, installed the weave addon and my Desire froze.

  • Greg

    Nice to see all the complainers out again for a pre-alpha product being too slow. Figures. It's out there for you to look at, not review about hardware requirements. Wait for the final release before you pass judgment.

  • Canuck

    @littleman wrote "Google should require all apps to run decently on even low-end phones"

    I understand your frustration, but the best thing about Android is that Google can't require *anything*. Sometimes freedom is frustrating, but it's still worth it.

    • Yeah, and that's why I totally dig Android. But it also sucks since it's like saying, "Well, you can buy a current Android phone today, but you'll be rolling the dice to see if it'll support higher-end apps by the end of next year." The biggest plus I see for iPhone users is that, once you buy an iPhone (say, iPhone 4), you have at least a year with the assurance that your iPhone would be able to handle anything in the iTunes app store. For Android owners, if you buy a phone today, you have maybe two-three months before a vastly superior Android phone is out.

      For example, I really envy those that bought any of the new Galaxy S phones, as they're all pretty sweet. But, probably by November (3 months from now), there's a chance we'll see the first dual-core processor phone powered by Android. I just feel that Android users have more catching up to do within their own OS, versus iPhone users.

  • M_1

    What's with the cornball "mascot"? Not everybody in the world lives in their parent's basement and gets off with anime.

    • Trong

      It's a fennec, a little fox. I think you can figure out the rest.

    • A fennec is a small breed of the fox. Get it? No?

  • @M_1: A fennec is a small breed of the fox. Get it? No?

  • Tommy

    That is a specific test build for a specific fuction by a developer. You're better off trying the nightly builds, and it's nothing that Mozilla are trying to hide. Download and more information is available here:

  • Seagull

    @Greg When the post title says 'New Build of Fennec Released and It’s Getting Quite Good', I'd at least expect it to function for more than a few seconds.

  • The snapdragon processor is a suggestion, not a requirement. I got it running just fine on my Droid, just lags every now and then.

  • chances are it's running on debug libraries with lots of superfluous development code in there – hence the need for a faster processor…

  • "it is still currently in the pre-alpha to alpha stages"

    It will almost certainly get optimized and run just fine on lower end phones before the final release.

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