March 27, 2015

Comcast Launching Android DVR/Home Phone Application

Comcast has announced that they will soon be bringing their DVR app (now available on iOS) to Android. The  app will be extremely full featured and offer you full control over your DVR (being able to set up recordings, look at your list of recorded content, and manage season passes on the go).  In addition to this,  you will also be able to hook your mobile phone up to their direct phone service. Awesome!

With having the ability to hook in directly to their phone service, users will be able to have have calls routed from your home phone to your cell phone, so you won’t miss a beat. According to the Comcast site, “Comcast’s solution will make it a quick and painless process for anyone subscribed to their service. It’ll also take advantage of Android’s notification features to send you push notifications whenever someone leaves a voicemail on your home phone.” As someone who has Comcast, I have to say I am very excited.

Overall, it’s nice to see Comcast embracing Android. Anyone else out there looking forward to this?

Source: Comcast

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  1. Almahix

    This is exactly what TiVo needs to do to help remain relevant in the cable co dvr age.

      • Mark

        With the update to Froyo landscape mode can be activated by tilting the phone in either direction.

  2. tomsailor

    I am most interested in an Android DVR app that works with Logitech Revue / Google TV.
    It should be possible to plug in a USB drive or Blu-Ray recorder/player to the Revue and use this combo as a *great* DVR for both internet (via Ethernet/Wireless in) and HDTV(via HDMI in) – for either satellite or cable tuner with HDMI out.
    Comments anyone?

  3. someone

    Per my internal sources. Comcast will release the Android Application on November 19th. Hopefully this is helpful Gents and Ladies.

  4. Bryon

    Well folks, that release has been delayed apparently because it’s already February 2011 and they JUST released “TV Everywhere”. Google Review is already here exclusively with internet and TV integration at DISH Network, but even better than Comcast’s “TV Everywhere” is the Sling adapter from DISH. I work there and have had the adapter since it came out and I have been watching my TV live when I have to go to another of our call centers for a business trip. I use it in the airport or anywhere I have internet access. Although I don’t have an android phone, I have an iPhone. Did you know that DISH can push live TV to your Android enabled device? Yep, and it’s been around months longer than Comcast ( Comcast “TV Everywhere so far for a day).


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