Send to Phone Extension Adds “Chrome to Phone” Functionality


One of the features in Froyo that is dead useful is the Chrome to Phone extension, allowing you to send pretty much any kind of info while you are browsing to your Froyo based Android handset.  Up until now, the functionality has been limited to Google’s Chrome brower, but according to the unofficial Google blog, there is now an extension for Firefox that has the same functionality.

It is called send-to-phone, and installs within a few seconds into your Firefox browser.  It adds an option to your right-click context menu to send the selected info to your Android handset.

Now, this is only available to those lucky enough to be using Froyo on their phones, but with more handsets getting Froyo pushed to them, it won’t be long before you may be able to test this out for yourself.  Let us know how it works for you in the comments!


  1. Yes, I have been using this with FireFox/EVO (CM6-RC1). So far, no complaints. It has worked as advetised. I've sent pics, text, and links to phone.

  2. Yea I’ve been using it for awhile with my nexus one. Love it! If youve used it for awhile there’s been an update so you need to redownload on chrome and hand set. I’m sticking with chrome though. The only extensions I use is this, Google voice, gmail, and quick scroll(awesome 2), n PDF viewer.