Droid Does Everything…. Except Tethering

Phone Scoop is reporting today that when the Motorola Droid gets Froyo later on, it will not have the native tether, nor the wi-fi hotspot capabilities.  The reason?  Check this quote out:

The Motorola Droid, however, will not offer these features. Verizon Wireless spokesperson Brenda Raney said to Phone Scoop in an email, “The Droid by Motorola doesn’t have [the] hardware to support a Mobile Hotspot. With tethering there is no Connection on the PC side that will allow you to tether the device so the answer is that option isn’t part of this update.”

Really? That is why people who have had root access are using 3rd party apps to both tether and create a wi-fi hot spot with their Droids? I find this quote to be upsetting and uninformed. Obviously this rep is feeding the public back a line that she had been told to say. Now if Verizon had come out and said that they were not including the functionality that is built into Froyo for network issues or bandwidth issues, that would at least have been more honest.

The reality is that Verizon wants to monetize your ability to use your phone to it’s full potential. With the tiered data plans they are getting ready to unleash on the public, it is not surprising to see this kind of announcement. I would wager that we will soon see an announcement saying that you can pay a monthly for this kind of functionality, which is too bad for Verizon customers, and a harbinger of things to come with Verizon.

I am sure that some dev in the Android community will find a way to port a non-crippled Froyo ROM to the Droid, it is just too bad that someone will have to. This is a “trevorfail” Motorola.

  • This is why I have traditionally avoided Verizon as a carrier. They are alway about how much more money they can get out of you for what should be free

    • Last I checked, every carrier charged for tethering or data.

      • theweakend

        Ummm there is company, T-mobile, you may have heard of them they don't charge for hotspot access

        • ari-free

          unfortunately t-mobile has even worse coverage than AT&T so you get what you pay for…

          • T-Mobile Nexus One

            Depends on the area. Where I am (East SF Bay, CA Metropolitan). T-Mo is the only provider that I get a reliable signal at my house. I had sprint, barely worked, GF had verizon, didn't work at all, neighbors have ATT and can't use their cells at home.

  • WTF is a "trevorfail"?

    • Listen to the Android Guys Thursday Night Podcast and you can find out, but in a nutshell, it is a phrase we coined when one of our intern applicants just was not ready to be interviewed. His name was Trevor, so we called it a "Trevorfail"

  • beeker

    "The Motorola Droid will not offer tethering because we're too cheap to spare the bandwidth….even though we're the largest carrier in the U.S. and every single Android phone since the G1 itself has had this capability."

    Verizon sucks.

  • theweakend

    and this is why i never bought the droid…

  • That’s a bunch of bull. It’s like apple saying jailbreaking your phone will void your warranty for your security. Tmobile has always been the fairest out of the worst.

  • Adam

    Come on guys why bash Verizon for charging when AT&T and Sprint does it also.

    Did they lie about the abilities yes but its called a business. They are in it to make money and if they decide not to give the droid the ability then that is their choice so that we upgrade sooner. Get over it.

    And yes I am rocking a rooted droid with the ability to tether.

    • Except the fact that Verizon when it picked up Android promised to NOT nickle and dime people to death for the functionality that is built into the platform. This is simply a way they are working around it.

    • wrongsauce

      they all need to be bashed , its effectively a bunch of big companies acting in unison to produce the same profiteering effect as a monopoly. AT&T moves to a tiered system , suddenly version follows suite , etc , the end result is worse conditions for everyone and record profits for the companies. when there’s no real competition there’s no point in providing a better product to consumers. take alltel for example , since Verizon/at&t/sprint already have their effectively controlled environment Verizon pops in gets FCC approval and bought them up no problem , cut them in half , gave at&t most of the other half and left the shreds for the small fish to consume which will later be eaten if they pose a big enough threat in the future. that’s what happens with money , once you become complacent there’s no progress, no thrive to fight for better , it happens all the time in international agreements between countries , one a country reaches a certain point they no longer really want war because the basic level they’re at now they would rather keep then the chance of loosing that level fighting. and that concludes the cycle of slave vs master until the conditions get so bad they fight back or stop using the product etc.

  • DaveC

    It's these kind of discussions that give me the urge to hug my Nexus One! 🙂

  • Bryan

    You guys…ugh. They are telling the truth. The only way Android-Wifi-Tether works is via ad-hoc. The froyo built in hotspot uses AP mode.

    The problem is the WL1271 chipset made by TI doesn't work in AP mode. This is TI's fault as they haven't released a firmware that enables AP mode.

    Google would have to write another tethering app that supported ad-hoc.

    Let's blame TI ok?

    • Jeff S.

      Ok .. I blame TI … but Wireless Tethering in Adhoc is OK by me for what I would use it for anyway. I'm not looking to host a 3G Hotspot at my house, so who cares if its Adhoc.

      The last version of Wireless tethering (2.0.5 pre6) has support for IWconfig and WPA Supplicant. WEP 128 only for encryption, but for short term quick iFixes, that works.

      • I have to agree here and add that Verizon's statement is a bit misleading, although to achieve this you must have root access, which no carrier is going to REALLY advocate. I stand by my statement that the reason they are not working on some sort of solution is that there is already a solution in the pipe, and they are going to charge their customers for it.

      • Bryan

        That latest version with IWConfig only works on phones with the BCM4329 Wifi chipset. Those phones already support AP mode. The droid has the WL1271 which does not. Sounds like VZW is looking into this now…but the buck stops at TI. Let's sign a petition or something?

    • Benn

      The problem is the WL1271 chipset made by TI doesn’t work in AP mode. This is TI’s fault as they haven’t released a firmware that enables AP mode.

      actually, this is a load of bullshit. im currently running a rooted droid with a stock rom, and i can use barnacle wifi to create an ADHOC wifi network.

      so, your wrong.

  • Nah, we talked to him about it before we made it a part of the regular show, he said he was ok with it and thought it was funny.

  • Huh, funny since wired tether worked fine before I rooted and wireless tether works great after I rooted. I don't know VZ, maybe we all just need to root.

    • Robert

      What’s your recommendation for tethering (Droid/Verizon)? Why go WiFi over USB, if WiFi means you need to root the phone (and USB doesn’t)? I’m planning to set this up for a friend soon. Thanks.

  • Cam

    Everyone! I'm USB tethering from my DROID to my laptop right now and it's NOT rooted and it has the regular 2.1 update… you know what I used…Guess!!??? AN APP!!! It's called EasyTether and it's FREE!!!! or you can use PDAnet. Cmon people we're supposed to know these things!!!

    • alex

      wireless tether dumb ass.

  • jimmy895

    i just tested tether on my droid and it worked i heard they can cancel my contract if they found out what would that do and how easy is it for them to find out, is it like using limewire, or like robbing a bank?

    if verizon can find out from here i only used it once and i think it used only about 3MB all i did was test the speed on speedtest.net, i have my own wifi and i obviously use 3g on my phone when i’m not on my wifi so its like the same thing

  • brandon

    the reason why the droid doesn’t have tethering is because the hardware doesn’t officially support it.

    Wifi has two modes. Access Point Mode, and Ad-Hoc mode. The droid only supports Ad-Hoc mode which is meant for peer to peer networks not for internet access. Does it work? yes. is it hackish. absolutely. They are still going to offer USB tethering.

    They are just supporting what can be officialy supported not just a hack. that being said, that didn’t stop me from rooting my phone and using the ad hoc tethering which has been flaky in my experience so far.

  • rina

    I just installed an app that allows me to tether my Droid with a USB (I’m using it right now!) and I’m wondering how Verizon is going to charge me for this since I have an unlimited data plan? Any ideas?

    • Larry

      What app did you use?