Live in London? Use Android to find a Cycle Hire.


This one took me a little bit to understand being the red-blooded American that I am, but once I did, I realized how cool it is!  In London, England, there is something called the Barclay’s London Cycle Hire Scheme, where residents of the city can be directed to different places where they can hire a bike, giving them transportation around the city.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  The only hurdle that they have been trying to overcome is the issue of letting people know remotely if they have bikes available or not.  Android Developer Little Fluffy Toys and the Android platform to the rescue! They have created a crowd source widget which allows users to update the number of cycles at the different hire locations around the city.  Renting a bike?  Let others know how many were left after you took your rental for a spin.

Another great use of the Android platform, check the images below of the widget and app.  Let us know how it works for you!

  • Hey guys, thanks for the love! 🙂 It's been superceded by events a bit – the scheme went live on Friday morning with realtime data, and by 11am on launch day we were the first application by *days* to display live cycles/slots availability data, as shown in your second photo. We really should update that press release a bit 😉 Feel free to ping us or more info. Cheers from London!

  • Don Juan

    Have you heard of B cycle? Just about the same thing but right here in USA. Started in denver they have a few locations around the country and the app is great!

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