Nielson: Android Outsells iPhone Handsets During Q2 (US)

Fact: Android is hot.  No longer consider a fledgling platform, Google’s mobile OS is taking off faster than ever.  At nearly two years in, handsets are moving briskly and competition is heating up.  Not only do we see Android phones pitted against Windows Mobile and iPhone, but now we’re seeing even Droid X versus Samsung Vibrant comparisons.  In a sentence, Android is doing very well for itself.  So well, that it has eclipsed iOS phones in the United States.  According to Nielson, Android phones accounted for 27 percent of U.S. smartphones sold in the second quarter whereas Apple’s iPhone handsets followed at 23 percent.

Now before you Apple fanboys get all bent out of shape and start pointing at other sources for market share and looking for “real” figures, I leave you with this: Nielson is the same source that Apple used back in June to tout the “three times the market share of Android” figures.

  • That's awesome. I can't belive Blackberry is still selling so well.
    I'm curiously looking forward to seeing the q3 numbers, assuming that's the quarter the iPhone 4 launched against the Evo, Droid X, Galaxy S & Droid 2.

  • Chris

    Android is just a better OS, bottom line. But these numbers need to be put into context. Q2 was the last quarter before the new iPhone launched, and everyone knew it was coming. So Android sales were 4% higher than the slowest quarter of Apple sales. I'll bet that during Q3 Apple sales will be 15% higher or so than Android. Then for the next 3 quarters that there is no new iPhone the Android phones will again take the lead. I think it will be another two years before Android edges out Apple in market share.

    • The iPhone was released on June 24th and was available for pre-order before that. A good percentage of people who bought it were early adopters. iPhone sales have already slowed because everyone who wanted one could buy one because AT&T made them eligible so they would resign their contract. While I think Apple will show a lot of shipments for phones in Q3 it's important to remember that Android has seen the Droid X, Vibrant, and Captivate be released. Also the EVO released in Q2 is being shipped to stores that can't keep it on the shelves. And there are even more Android phones expected to be released in Q3 (Epic, Fascinate). I don't think Android will give up its position of #2 in market share. Nobody can defeat the multiple phones on multiple carriers approach.

  • Rob

    Yes, No one will beat multiple phones on multiple carriers. In the end that is how Android will move up and replace iPhone. It has worked before. PC vs. Mac. PC won. PC has %92 of the desktop market. The Andriod vs iPhone battle will end up almost the same. With RIM falling to 3rd or 4th place

  • Those 2 charts don't match for Q1 2010.
    If you notice Apple is pointing out Total Market Share.
    And the 1st chart is Market Share in the last 6 months.
    Android has not "eclipsed iOS phones in the United States". There are still more iOS phones than Android phone. But Android has been sold on more phones in the last 6 months than iOS.
    That means its only a matter of time before Google passes Apple in Total Market Share.

  • Canuck

    Poor Apple – with a big market share but falling sales in the smart phone market, it’s in the same position as Microsoft in the PC market: the dinosaur that’s looking less like a threat and more and more like a tasty meal to its leaner, faster competitors. How long until we see “Trade in your iPhone and get 25% off your Android phone!” offers?

    Now, to be fair, the US is a special case, because the iPhone is locked to a single carrier. History will probably look back on that as Apple’s biggest mistake. In other countries like Canada, the iPhone might not be as far behind, because people can use it with many different carriers.

  • Scott

    unfortunately in Australia the iPhone is WAY ahead of android (although android is finally taking some market share) because the iPhone is available on all 4 major carriers. Sucks to see so many isheeple out there telling me how their phone is the best by a mile but have no reasons why when i ask them- "because Apple/Steve said so"

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