Official Froyo 2.2 for EVO 4G


The guys over at XDA Developers have released information about the 2.2 update for the HTC EVO 4G by Sprint.  As we mentioned before, the official release is going live starting today, August 2, but EVO users can grab it now.  This file has NOT been rooted, so if you install it on a rooted phone, you will in fact lose root access.

It should also be noted that it is an update from the standard OS, not a full release.

If you have an unrooted Evo, are you going to head on over and flash this update, or wait for Sprint to send it to you?  Let us know how it works!


  1. I can't wait for the OTA tomorrow because this is not just about HTC's ability to bring froyo but also Sprint. And they need to show people what froyo can do. If they don't show Flash on an Evo in TV ads, I guarantee verizon will and everyone will think that only droids can do it.

      • I say the notification come through to download. I went to switch on WiFi/4G and now I can’t get back to the download notification. Tried running from the HTC Updated option and says there are no updates available. Is there anotherway to initiate the download?

  2. I downloaded it a few hours ago. It's like the dropped a new processor into the phone….the speed and smoothness is amazing. There are a few subtle changes but Froyo comes alive on the EVO's Snapdragon, run don't walk for this one!

  3. Anyone have any luck installing froyo after installing unrEVOked? Currently getting a triangle and exlamation point. Not good.

  4. Wow the original Droid was supposed to receive android 2.2 next after the Nexus One… That goes to show you that Verizon is the second worst carrier ever next to at&t & sprint is the best carrier ever… Screw lying ass Verizon there the worst

  5. @Marc you’re wrong, Sprint is the worst. They just feel like they have something to prove with this EVO. My wife doesn’t have the 2.1 for her HERO yet.

    The EVO update rocks! Very, very fast if nothing else

    • @wilsonhines No the European carriers are the worst the original HTC Hero that came out 6 months before the one for Sprint has been on 1.5 for 13 months.

    • she does not have it because she hasnt gone to the store to update it, or she hasnt downlaoded it from the htc website the file is to big for the phone to downlaod over 3g, Idiot next time research before you talk sprint is the best

    • Your a fucking idiot. Your wife doesnt have it cuz you guys are fucking retards. its not OTA. but you can certainly keep waiting. They do have something with the Evo, they are better than anything you can bring to the table.

  6. Have the HTC EVO…. clean and not rooted. Got the update yesterday evening. Took about a half hour to download on 3G and install. No problems. Performance is better…. smooth and fast. Go for it.

  7. I downloaded after getting a prompt on my phone…now it is trying to launch and my phone is pretty much frozen. Cant even get into my settings. 🙁 help!!!

  8. I downloaded it last night. Woo Hoo. I does everything they say EXCEPT.. I can' move any apps to the card. I think they left this out. The move to card button is there but not highlighted on any of my apps.

    Scott P

  9. How do I get rid of the Exclamation point screen. I tried to update a rooted phone and now its stuck. Holding the power button doesn't power down.

  10. I keep getting the Exclamation point screen when I try to run the install!! I have to hold both volumn buttons and the power button down to reboot. After the reboot I check the firmware version and it still says 2.1 update. What's going on? Why won't the phone update t0 Froyo properly? Please help…

    • I'm having the same exact issue. My EVO is rooted as well, but it doesn't make much sense to me that this would stand in the way. After all, the other OTA's managed to break my root just fine. LOL Well at least I can reboot it back to square one. Hopefully there is a solution soon. I may stroll over to the Sprint store and see if there is an off chance that someone there know's what's going on.

  11. Installed in abt 20 min via WiFi on Aug 3…now in cruise control,hv been telling all co workers with EVO to to for it ….what a difference …..Sprint got ways to go but they’re on right path !

  12. yea im really glad sprint finally decided to step up there game! ive had it for like 6 years and always hadnt sprint tell i got this phone lol! heres to hoping froyo makes it better 🙂

  13. Ok, I got mine working a couple days ago.

    Downloaded file to rename “”

    Followed the below instructions from another forum:

    Originally Posted by lonlawrence
    Totally works. 1. download the froyo update 2. change name to “update” (without quotes). Change only the name. Leave the “zip” extension alone! 3. take out your evo battery and remove your SD card. Put it in your computer and drag the new file to it (or hook your phone to the computer via usb cable and drag the new file to SD card). 4. replace card (if you removed it) and battery and re-start phone (see 5) 5. hold the “up volume” button while starting the phone. 6. navigate to “bootloader” with up/down volume buttons (mine was already sitting on “bootloader”) and select with power button. 7. find and select “recovery” (again with the power button). Phone will boot into recover mode. 8. select “apply” (again with the power button). That’s it. It will take your phone about 5-10 minutes to completely recover. Don’t worry about the box with a green arrow coming out of it pointing to a little android guy. That’s part of the process. When it’s all done, you will have Froyo 2.2, you didn’t wipe or lose anything (except root), but Superuser permissions app will still be in your apps. However, you are not rooted. How do I get rid of superuser?

    This worked flawlessly for me (Rooted Evo–>performed hard reset (still wasnt able to perform new update)–>performed the above operation and it worked!!

  14. I had my EVO rooted and unlocked I guess would be how you would classify it. Found the file on a website and downloaded asap onto my laptop. It was 194 meg and is a clean full install not an update and very easy to install. I lost my wireless tether but everything else works very nice and seems faster.

  15. Ok, I had repeated issues with the USB error but after several times of unplugging the usb >>> exittting the RUU program > restarting it > then replugging in the usb when prompted at the beginning – it eventually finished…

    this may have been due to my phone having root access via unrevoked also…

    The RUU instructions above were actually for people who updated early to .3 and its untended use was to update them to .6

    so if you have .3 just follow the instructions and it does it for you.

    Not sure if you will encounter the same repeated usb issues i did but like I said… Just unplug… restart RUU then replug and it will pick up where it left off when the USB error occurred and FINISH!