100,000 Apps and Counting

According to Androlib’s Blog, and as we predicted a few weeks ago, the Android Market has surpassed 100,000 application submissions since its inception.  Androlib, however, stresses that this doesn’t necessarily mean there are 100,000 active applications in the market.  They put that number at somewhere around 83,000.  The nuts and bolts of how they calculate these numbers is available on their blog and makes for interesting reading.A noteworthy hiccup in Androlib’s calculations is that they don’t consider applications unpublished from the Market meaning a developer can published and unpublish an app and it will still be counted as an activation.  Some may take this news with a grain of salt, but it still means that many thousands of developers, at one point, published 100,000 apps.  The future of the Android Market keeps getting brighter and brighter even if it is one app at a time!

Image: Androlib

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  1. savage
    August 21, 01:57 Reply

    100000 may be true, but it includes a lot of low level apps that only do harm to app quality.

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