App Review: I-Play Bowling Android

The people over at I-play have released a bowling game called I-Play Bowling. The game is available in two versions: Standard and HD. The difference between the two versions is a better graphic layout for the HD version, if your phone can support it.  I had the opportunity to check this game out, and those of you who have a Nintendo Wii will feel very comfortable right from the start.

First things first: you can design your bowler.  The avatar you build is highly customizable, and this makes for a more personal experience.  Then, you’re on to the game.  There are various options that you can choose, such as practice or tournament. You can also view your best scores, and change around settings such as skill level.

As far as actual game play, just touch the screen to place your ball on the floor, and then do so again to indicate the direction. After that, you move your phone as though you were actually bowling, and the ball goes down the lane.  It’s pretty straight-forward.

The game does a great job of following your movements, as far as hooks and what-not.  In all, a solid game, and a great way to pass some time, or even compete with your friends.  The only thing I would change is to have an option to press and roll rather than physically “bowling” with the phone. Sometimes, I want to play a game, but don’t feel comfortable making large arm gestures in a public place by myself, which seems to be the reason for many of the negative reviews by those who have downloaded it.

Download it from the market today for only 99¢.

i-play bowling

Scan to download the standard version.

i-play bowling hd

Scan to download the HD version.

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  1. online life coach
    August 03, 19:10 Reply

    Great review I-Play Bowling Android and really to play the game like the bowling these one of mine Favorite game and the with Android its looks great.

  2. nighthawk700
    August 03, 20:03 Reply

    15 meg? Yikes, my poor droid doesn't have the space. Looks interesting though.

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