Copy Paste It Adds Copy/Paste Across the Whole Android System

Android has had cut/paste functionality since day one, but sometimes it is limited to cutting and pasting within an individual app or functionality on our handsets. The video below highlights a new app from Edward Kim called Copy Paste It that brings universal cut-and-paste functionality to Android handsets by creating a system wide clipboard on your Android phone.  In essence, the app takes a screenshot, then uses an optical character recognition engine to extract the text from the shot.


Now before you go running to the Market to download, the app needs a rooted phone to work.  If you have root access to your handset, download away!  Use the barcode to purchase the app for $3.99.

Scan to download Copy Paste It.
  • Yet another reason for me to consider rooting my phone!

  • Awesome app! Not worth 4 bucks though.

  • defsquad

    i would so love to get this app, but 3.99 is a bit steep, if it was 1.99 i'd be all over it.

  • ClipStore is free and does the exact same thing

    • eddie

      ClipStore does not copy text. It's simply another clipboard manager.

  • defsquad

    Are you sure it does the same thing? It looks like it doesn't support copying from ANY application; e.g. from Gmail, etc.

  • Fthat

    4 $$? Hell naw! I’ll go buy a six pack instead

  • Stella

    This is an app I would use over and over again so the 3.99 price tag is no big deal. I also like the fact that it recognize words in pictures.

  • dima1109

    Wait, am I missing something? I'm pretty sure I've been able to copy text from the browser and into the text message for ages …

  • well for 4 bucks its a good deal now that i force updated my phone to get 2.2 and flash waiting on a root for the d1 then i'll buy this.

  • this looks like the ONE app that may make me consider being rooted full time (currently I am rooted so I could edit /system/build.prop on a Samsung Galaxy S prelease Froyo ROM)

  • Smorse

    What does it mean to root your phone?

  • konjo

    Doesnt work with “comforta” fonts

  • Su

    It’s a great application BUT it will be better if there is an exit option and let us open it ONLY when necessary.

    I think most users don’t like to see too many icon shown in the notification area.

    Kindly consider to add this option.

  • Snowy

    Useless app – I want to be able to do a Select All Text in an email and copy, then paste to another note or email. You can’t scroll and copy all of the text

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