Facebook for Android Receives Big Upgrade


Facebook for Android just got a big upgrade in Version 1.3.  By first glance,  you’ll immediately notice the difference in the user interface, with a photo reel at the bottom that lets you quickly flip through friends’ recent photos and videos.  Pretty neat.  Oh, and we should also mention that the upgrade allows users to check their most recent notifications.  In addition to this, users can post updates, search friends, and view video using H.264. You can also respond to friend requests and view Facebook events as well.  Damn good upgrade if you ask me.  Looking forward to a lot more changes like this.

Officially, we’re told the following features have been added:

  • An updated homescreen with:
    • The ability to post a status update or search for friends with just one click
    • A new photo reel that enables easy viewing of photos and videos from friends in your News Feed
    • A draggable Notifications drawer where you can easily see if a friend posted a note on your wall, commented or liked a post or tagged you in a photo
  • Video playback from the app.  Similar to the Facebook for iPhone application, we are using the H.264 baseline profile for encoding videos
  • Support for Events.  You can now review your upcoming events, read your event details, and even RSVP – all from the application
  • Respond to friend requests without leaving the application

So Android fans, do you like it? Is the upgrade good enough? Let us know in the comments!


    • Hi,

      I hyave just taken ownership of my HTC and I think it is really good!, however when I use facebook on my HTC I am unable to see who has liked a status. It just says ‘2 people like this’ or ‘3 people like this’ etc!

      Can anyone please tell me how I get to see who has liked a status?!

      Thanks people!

  1. This is a pretty big update in the app finally. There will always people who complain about things..no chat, no facebook can’t find your friends for you, no doesn’t tell me where my friends are but hey its life.

    Loving the new new changes and liking the changes.

  2. loving then events! Not loving the slideshow at the bottom too much.
    Now the two big things we need are notifications to stay in app and fb chat.
    But overall, I'm happier than I was about it yesterday!

  3. Notifications still open in the browser.
    Notifications actually dont work properly UNLESS you open the app and refresh.

    It's all still the same except for the UI improvements / skin.

    The only good thing I can get out of it is that now we can watch videos without having to go to the browser.

  4. Notifications are still not instant like Babbler used to be…. how am I supposed to catch that drunken photo with my schloong out before my boss does!!!

  5. A friend and I noticed that our battery usage has gone down quite a bit since installing the Facebook app. Both of us are running myTouch 3G with CyanogenMod 5.1.8

    Anyone else having similar problems?

  6. no chat, no tagging – its still a pretty cutdown interface. If i find myself walking back to the PC or trying to fumble with it in a tiny browser window 4 out of 5 times I want to use it then i might as well uninstall the app

  7. Unfortunately I had to unistall it. Drained my battery too fast. I liked the new layout, but I´d rather have the old layout and make through the day without the need to charge it.

  8. Contact sync still isnt working on htc hero 2.1… you can view it under people/contacts but the service fails when it tries to retrieve.

    Also – while in the new FB and going to the friends page im unable to download my friend list… it states that my list is too big.

  9. Why keep playing around with this app? Just give it ALL the same features the iPhone app has & call it a day. iPhone fans would never put up with the mass amounts of FB mediocrity that Androiders put up with. Why give us an app that functions part on the web & part on the phone? This app is CRAP! (hey- that rhymes) just need picket sign & a mega-phone.

  10. Since the update, my friends on facebook cannot see when I post on their wall. They also get old messages sent to them when I post on their wall or comment on one of their wall posts. I uninstalled the update and it then worked properly. However, the update reinstalled itself…UGH!

  11. It’s pretty cool but I wish I never had to leave the app. Also wish you could add tags to photos and status updates. I’m used to Facebook on Blackberry, which I liked a little better, but this is a good app.

  12. Check ReChat (facebook chat for android): http://refineandroid.doodlekit.com/
    – multiple accounts;
    – plain/bubble views. Customize avatar/font sizes.
    – font packs (download separate apk to keep memory).
    – customize income message notification: default sound/your sound file, LED, vibration, status bar notification.
    – chat history. Export (email) selected messages, open chat messages, whole history for a contact, whole history for all contacts. Archive attachment with 7zip.

    Facebook features:
    – all non-chat permissions are revoked, customize period.
    – upload image (several share options)
    – send image to a contact (private wall post).
    – send message to a contact (as a private event or private wall post).
    – set status message.

  13. I can’t tag people in photos on Facebook on my Samsung Galaxy S. Is this a common problem or am I just missing how to do it?


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