Froyo Manual Update Now Available for Motorola Droid

The Android 2.2 update for the Motorola Droid has finally been released for manual update! That’s right, all that Froyo goodness is finally here for you to enjoy.  To manually update your Droid, read the directions below.

Instructions to manually install Android 2.2 on your Motorola Droid:


1.  Download this file:
2.  Place file on the root of your sdcard (not in any folder).

Make sure it is named UPDATE.ZIP!

3.  Turn your phone off.
4.  Boot into recovery (Hold Power + X).
5.  Wait for a triangle with exclamation point to appear and release Power and X.
6.  Hit the volume up and camera button (half-way down) at the same time.
7.  Using the D-Pad select “apply” and press in the gold button on the D-Pad.
8.  Your phone will now run the update.
9.  When it finishes, use th D-Pad to select reboot phone.
10.  Your phone will reboot with Android 2.2.

Let us know what you think folks! Was Froyo worth the wait?

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  1. Eric
    August 04, 00:15 Reply

    What is the checksum for this file from google?

  2. Mike
    August 03, 20:15 Reply

    can this be done right from the one if im using astro or another form of file manager unzip program? as in go to this sight from the droid browser and download then move to root?

    • coder
      August 03, 20:33 Reply

      You should be OK to browse to the file on your phone, download it, rename it (if necessary) with Astro, and move it to root of sdcard with Astro 😉

  3. DroidMan
    August 04, 00:24 Reply

    For those of you who have not yet received the FroYo update – you can still watch Flash videos on your android device by downloading Skyfire Mobile Browser.

  4. TheoDroid
    August 04, 00:35 Reply

    Complete Review:

    Waiting 45 seconds to download the file sucked because I am so excited :p.
    Oh crap, i guess theres an old on my sd card… I guess Ill delete it. *Hesitantly presses delete*
    Transferred fast to sd card, and booted into recovery no problem. If the volume up and camera thing doesnt work just keep trying.

    Now Im watching the progress bar, I've been waiting so long for this.

    Progress bar is full, but its still writing rdl/bp image. uh oh, BP, this is going to take forever. (Laughs at own joke about the misfortune of his own country)

    Rebooting system.. maybe there will be a new boot animation!!!

    Nope… same old shit. and unfortunately it still takes forever to turn on.

    Wow is it taking longer than usual?


    I got it.

    Mission: success

    Note: You dont need to backup your apps, everything stays.


    • @trevy4
      August 04, 01:24 Reply

      my apps ALL GONE! GRRRR! what did I do wrong?!

  5. TerranceXTC
    August 04, 00:42 Reply

    done! update works but i dont know how to enable wireless tethering w/o root

  6. epicanis
    August 04, 01:03 Reply

    All I can say is..[FORNICATE] YOU, MOTOROLA!…On behalf of all CLIQ owners still waiting for an update to anything even as recent as 1.6/Donut.

  7. Zed
    August 04, 01:49 Reply

    Finally….it is a bit earlier than the rumored date…..but what the heck…????

  8. Marc Hughes
    August 04, 01:52 Reply

    I downloaded from:

    And the md5 of that was 2e155b3f08fd2e953ce9c0948cf9eb12

    That matches the md5 of the file linked above.

    Clearly not as good as getting the checksum from the source, but it's something.

    The file appears to have installed cleanly on my droid.

    The first boot takes a long time, don't get scared.

  9. Tripper
    August 04, 02:51 Reply

    Followed the steps, worked like a charm!
    2.2 goodness, yeah!

  10. @taradinoc
    August 04, 03:07 Reply

    The new Car Home app really sucks. Seriously, they *ruined* it. Is there a good replacement, or do I have to back to Eclair?

    • @taradinoc
      August 04, 03:25 Reply

      Specifically, here's what's wrong with it:

      Maps is now on the second page. What else is on that page? Settings, Brightness, and three blank spaces that serve no purpose. I thought they were spaces for me to put my own icons, maybe, but no: half the screen is just wasted.

      Also, the "Home" button is gone, replaced with an "Exit Car Mode" button. Now, instead of just launching the default Home app, it exits Car Home entirely, which means (1) the screen will turn off by itself in a few seconds and (2) pressing the Home key will not go back to Car Home.

      With the old Car Home, if I wanted to start internet radio and leave the screen on so I could see what was playing, I just had to:

      1. Tap Home
      2. Tap the radio app

      With the update I have to:

      1. Tap Exit Car Mode
      2. Tap the radio app
      3. Press the Home key
      4. Open the app drawer
      5. Tap Car Home
      6. Pull down the notification bar
      7. Tap the radio app's notification

      I'll give "Car Dock v2" from the market a try.

  11. scott
    August 04, 03:22 Reply

    I am getting to the triangle on my screen, and pressing the volume up button and camera button. Trying variations of camera botton (half way down, all the way down) also (holding for a few seconds/ clicking quickly) and nothing happens.

  12. Theo
    August 04, 03:28 Reply

    You have to hold volume up then press camera all the way down. Just keep trying

    • scott
      August 03, 23:35 Reply

      thank you, up then camera worked first time

  13. Scott
    August 04, 04:00 Reply

    Install very easy. However no real new features. No swype, no new backgrounds, no flash, Nothing new!!! Except a different looking home screen and 4 extra side screens.

    I tested the flash on botyh the adobe flash player tester and flash games. Both didn't work, just a blue box in the middle of the screen.

    Did I install this incorrectly or is this it?

  14. Leiby
    August 04, 04:09 Reply

    I am getting to the triangle on my screen, and pressing the volume up button and camera button. then i Got an error E: Cant open /cache/recovery/command

    • TheoDroid
      August 04, 05:25 Reply

      That error is fine, just continue on as normal, I believe this was previously noted in the instructions on a different site. I also received that error, but now I am running 2.2 fine.

  15. @MDTRPFN
    August 04, 04:15 Reply

    Loaded easy thanks and loving it, auto update from the market is great, reinstalled swype in order to work. noticed I can now install apps to SD card

    • TheoDroid
      August 04, 05:27 Reply

      My suggestion for everyone is to wait for the OTA update, because 2.2 isn't that great, and the OTA should include working flash.

  16. antoniomusgrove
    August 04, 06:54 Reply

    everything on it works well but where is the flash! do we have to install it separatley?

  17. antoniomusgrove
    August 04, 07:22 Reply

    AAAllriiiight! got the flash on there good looking out taradinoc. his post is a reply to scott. look for it great job for letting us know.

  18. enzo718
    August 04, 07:00 Reply

    Tried moving the file from downloads to root but its not working I’m doing it from the phone itself. Any ideas?

  19. Dave
    August 04, 11:11 Reply

    The file fails the whole file verification check for me. Tried downloading for both sources, and both fail.

  20. Scott
    August 04, 14:05 Reply

    how do I switch back to 2.1?…Is it even possible now that I have installed the update myself?

  21. Mike
    August 05, 17:08 Reply

    worked like a charm except you have to press the volume up arrow first, then while holding it, press the camera button. If you do it simultaneously(sp?) it does nothing.

  22. Phil
    August 06, 20:41 Reply

    @scott… Did you figure out how to get it back to 2.1? I need to do the same. Wi-fi is horrible in this build. Not ready for prime time. I need to go back to 2.1 without rooting the phone. Is it possible? If I put the untouched files for ESE81 in a file and boot to recovery will that work? Any help would be great

    • scott
      August 07, 14:06 Reply

      no I cant figure it out. It was probably the worst decision I’ve ever made regarding my phone. Now I have a half ass froyo, and I’m pretty sure the over the air update won’t be reccognized since I techically have 2.2 now. 2.2 minus flash, swype, and other key features. Thanks a lot android guys!!!

  23. Prowse
    August 06, 22:01 Reply

    Goddam am I ever pissed the fuck off – assholes at Google Android team REVERSED THE FUCKING LABELS and DELETE keys in the Gmail App. Are you fucking KIDDING ME!?


  24. joe t
    August 07, 14:48 Reply

    anyone else having Market issues? or just me. can’t seem to get an app to install. old apps work fine but new apps fail on install.

  25. Rick
    August 09, 18:23 Reply

    Update file is no longer on the site. Probably a good thing considering the problems others seem to be having. Flash would be nice, but I’m not thrilled over the possibility of losing Swype, and the car dock needs to stay as is.
    Once Verizon pushes, can we change back to 2.1?

  26. Ben
    August 13, 13:57 Reply

    I’m also having Market issues.

  27. machinenvy
    August 16, 17:44 Reply

    Waited for Verizon official update. Phone hung on reboot. Called Verizon and even after factory reset, phone wouldn’t boot. Now I have to wait two days for a new phone. Joy. =|

  28. Jukka
    October 21, 13:32 Reply

    Does anyone know if this works for the Milestone (Droid’s international GSM version)? Or will it just brick it?

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