HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z Appear In Vodafone Inventory System

A couple of HTC codename-phones that have been floating around — the Ace and Vision, have appeared in an inventory system for Vodafone D2 in Germany as the Desire HD and Desire Z.  According to several blogs, including the German blog BestBoyZ,  the Desire HD will be an HTC Legend on steroids. Along with the sexiness, the HD will have features of of the HD2 and Desire.  In other words, this is going to be a beast

We can only hope this phone comes to the United States! Would anyone pick one up? Let us know people.

Source: BestBoyZ

  • SirSteven

    i hope it’s *not* going to the States, as the rest of the world (I’m in east Asia) really needs a decent Android ‘superphone’ since we’ve been deprived of the HTC Droid Incredible and Evo 4G because they’re CDMA phones tied to Sprint/Verizon. This purported Desire HD damn well better be unlocked, WCDMA and internationally available well before Christmas, or I’ll be popping out to buy an iPhone 4.

    • Ray

      This phone has been branded the G2 by T-mobile. So it is definitely going to the states!

      Btw, I’m in the same position (and geographic area). Given the lack of choices, the iphone is starting to look good.

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  • Destiny Brown

    I hope this time we gonna get something new out of it! HTC Desire is something which I want to grab this time however, Vodafone Inventory system has really caught my attention. My gosh! ANdroid gonna rock this way. Thanks for the post!