10-Inch “Droid Pad” Could Be Here by Autumn

After months of rumors and anticipation, Motorola and Verizon‘s “Droid Pad” could arrive “as early as this autumn”.  According to Financial Times’ Kenneth Li and Paul Taylor, the two have been prepping a 10-inch tablet device with Flash capability that is both thinner and lighter than Apple’s iPad.  Other features include a front-facing camera for video chat, a second camera for higher resolution photos, and wireless hotspot capability.  It’s being reported that the two are working to integrate Verizon‘s FiOS digital pay-television service so that content can be played on the device as well.

Even without knowing a price, would you consider a tablet backed by Motorola & Verizon?

  • two words "YES Please!!"

  • Motorola sure got their momentum going on the Android devices. Pushing out Froyo, Droid 2, Droid X and still the "Droid pad" is in the pipeline.

  • Zero

    Yes yes yes yes, that simple. motorola and android rock.

    • jdog

      Its to bad that most people think that motorola and droid rock. I wish they would say that it comes out android instead of just droid.

  • haha I believe I was the first to mention this a little over a month ago on the Android Guys Thursday night podcast. 😛 I stick by my statement that I don't spread rumors. When will you start to understand that?


  • Haggie

    Only if Verizon didn't try to gouge me for another full data plan (unlikely). I refuse to pay for separate data plans for my smartphone and my tablet.

  • cyberDJ

    I'm selling my iPad once this comes out. I need something that works.

  • UDTSealCap

    I'd get this in a second if I'm allowed to buy it with no connections to Verizon. Let me buy it outright so that I can just set up my Nexus One as a hotspot and run the pad off that. I don't need yet another monthly bill for something I already have (Data).

  • Robert

    Hell Yea! I am hoping there is a none 3G version but assuming the cost per month isn’t bad I will likely buy one.


  • James

    FAIL if there’s not a wi-fi only version

  • After using the Droid X since it came out, I question Motorolas ability to deliver a decent Android device without Google’s help and the pure Google experience. Blur sucks. The X is full of bugs. Encrypted bootloader, bloatware, incredibly slow updates (2.2 for the Droid was originally Q1 2010). I think the threat of a class action suit was the only reason they updated the Droid finally. I’m waiting to see how they behave and treat their users over the next couple of months. If they don’t start reversing their current course, I wont get another Motorola device again.

  • iguy29

    Finaly a tablet that might actually be useful!

  • Mark

    YES unless Apple allows Flash on my Ipad. Even then if they go ahead with the Big Brother law suit I may leave ditch my Ipad just on the principal

    • Charles

      let me know if you want to sell it.

  • eraudog

    Well hell yes!
    Anything to take money away from Steve Jobs

  • Linilu12

    Please, i can’t wait!! iPad is way too expensive.

  • CPR777

    I hope that the droid pad does not have some of the problems of the droid x. I will have to compare the Ipad 2 to the droid pad and make my decisions then.
    Droid developers need to make this pad “POP” or the pad will beat there pants off them.

  • jerry

    Yes…and Yes….still waiting..!

  • TMobile Data Plan $10 / month!

  • Bwell87

    Im in the navy,and we viseted mylasia and they were already selling them over there and advertising everywhere.

  • Kristal Braley

    I wish it could be backed by Sprint as well as an option! I love Sprint’s service and I don’t feel like having two bills but I want one of these droid pads so bad! I love the Android OS.

  • Ern

    I think its a good try on Motorola in competing with Mac. Although Mac is better in so many ways I doubt it will give Mac much competition. Mac are great computers and anything to work against Windows gets an A+ in my book. Mac sets the standard in almost all devices and I hope they continue to produce new and remarkable devices for the consumer. If you think this device from motorola rocks then I hope you are prepared for what Apple has in-store for us.

    • GHUA

      Apple fanboy…bahhh sheep bahhh