Hitler Ready to Ditch His Cliq for Windows Mobile over 2.1 Update [HUMOR, VIDEO]

Apparently, it’s not just us common folk who are up in arms over the Motorola Cliq and its lack of a 2.1 update.  It appears Hitler is also one of the few unfortunate souls waiting on an announcement or update.  Things are getting so bad that he is considering switching to Windows Mobile or rooting.  As he puts it, he will have his Froyo and eat it too.  Video after the break.Source: Motorola Forums

  • ROFL!!!!! This had me cracking up at work.

  • JaylanPHNX

    As a Cliq XT owner, I (never thought I'd say this) agree with Hitler. This is one of the few Youtube sensations I really like, these Hitler vids, and this one may be the best (since Micheal Jackson died).

  • This really isn't news. Theres a Hitler video for about everything on the internet. They really stop being funny after the first one.

    • Jeff S.

      Maybe its you that stopped being funny…

  • B. Trapp

    Ha – I rooted yesterday to get to 2.1. Guess I'm even *less* patient than Hitler. 🙂

    The good news is Eclair2CLIQ Beta1 runs awesome and doesn't come with any of the MotoBlur stuff I didn't really care for anyways.

    So… go ahead and root if you're tired of waiting – its fun!

    • MulderFoxx

      Those with Cliq XT are crying when they read you can root and we still can't.

    • chaoslink

      I used adxlmod 2.0 with LauncherPro… it runs really well (for a midrange phone) even with the blur stuff intact.

  • Stella


  • Mikkel

    "This really isn't news. There's a Hitler video for just about everything on the internet. They really stopped being funny after the first one."

    ^^ this

  • Willie

    It’s pretty sick to try to use Hitler as a way to make people laugh. He was one of the worst murderers in the history of the world, slaughtering millions of people and authorizing others to be used for inhuman experiments.

    • Shaggy

      Willie, willie… lighten the hell up man, seriously step back.. remove your head from your ass.. and laugh once in awhile. The fact that they used Hitler to complain to Motorola has nothing to do with the murdering millions of innocents back in the WWII era. Seriously chill the f@%k out

  • Ryan McKay

    “This really isn’t news. There’s a Hitler video for just about everything on the internet. They really stopped being funny after the first one.”

    ^^ this