Minor T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide Update Starts Today

An over-the-air (OTA) maintenance release for the myTouch 3G Slide has been scheduled for today.  Typical of most minor updates, this will address battery performance and provide general enhancements to other features.  The release is slated to begin August 4th and run for two weeks, completing on the 19th.  If you have a myTouch 3G Slide, keep an eye on your notifications.  Note: You cannot manually search for this update on your handset.  You will have to wait your turn in line.

Full features of the OTA update:

  • Battery Life:
    • Updates to the T-Mobile online contact backup connection, which will improve battery life.
  • Wi-Fi:
    • Ability to send MMS messages when connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Genius Button improvements:
    • Ability to turn GPS on and off using your voice, such as “Turn GPS on.”
    • Will announce Caller ID for incoming voice calls and allow you to “Answer” or “Ignore” using your voice.
    • Will announce incoming text messages and allow you to “reply” with dictation.
  • Faves Gallery improvements:
    • The Faves icon will be displayed beside notifications that appear while the device is locked to indicate that the communication is coming from one of your Faves.
    • Fave photo display speed will be enhanced.
    • General stability will be improved, including more seamless scrolling and consistent display of photos.
    • David Billotti

      One thing I haven't seen Android blogs comment on is that the Genius Button doesn't work for many people (just search help forums). When I press the Genius Button, it literally takes 20 seconds for it to load because it is "indexing contacts" or something like that. I've replaced the function with the Google search bar widget with the microphone icon on one of my home screens, and it works in a matter of seconds.

      I called T-Mobile twice (and I usually love their costumer service), and the first person I got said "yeah, it's a problem" and, when I called a few days later for something else and mentioned it, a second person said "I have not heard one complaint to that effect."

      What this means is, I have a useless button on the front of my phone — a terrible waste of limited real estate.

    • FriedSushi87

      I get the genius button IOH (Index of Horror) so often that I never use the feature. In addition, even after indexing, the phone hangs up for 20 seconds or more before the speak dialog box opens to register speech.

      Horribly implemented…

    • skim

      how do you turn 3g on? i can’t access the internet without wi-fi…

    • mark

      I do have to deal with the genus button indexing kinda often at least once per boot but it does allow call invocation via bt headset which no other android phone has yet to do except those with 2.2. The text translation for sms is not perfect but its kinda nifty. I’d like to see voice invication across the OS. So I could load a music player ans say random play and have it shuffle my tunes.

    • So what happens if you accidentally delete the notification message? This is what happened to me. :/

      • A

        The message is just a notification that you will get the update. When it actually arrives it will pop up on the status bar at the top of the screen. Looks like a tiny picture of the phone on its side with a downwards pointing arrow on it. May take a few days to arrive like mine did.

        I haven’t applied mine yet, because 2.1 has no backup capability to speak of and I don’t know if it wipes all your user data like the Hero does.

    • A

      OK, I grabbed a 3rp party backup tool just to be safe, but the update ran fine and everything seems there and running fine so far.

    • Gigi

      the update screwed up my ability to be able to message from my contacts. Can someone assist? If i delete all my messages and its blank and I try to send a message or a picture, i can because all it has stored is my facebook contacts. ugh.. such a pain in the ..

    • rose

      I have not gotten the upgrade sent to me. How can I get it & do I need it?

    • JT

      I got the update today and now my email disappears after I read it. There is ZERO email retention now. Booo Hisss! I miss my BlackBerry for the email and calendaring functionality. I love the phone for the rest. Anyone else experiencing this email assault? Know how to fix it?

    • JT


      The ONLY way to “Fix” this right now is to set your other non-pseudo email clients to leave the mail on the server.

      GRR. 2 weeks with the new phone and I am in the unhappy camper list!

    • NAY

      I STILLL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY UPGRADE!!!!! It is the 31st. I think tomorrow i’m making a trip to T-MOBILE!!!! i love my phone, wish it wud hurry up and stop acting up!! any1 else not get the upddate??

    • michael lopez

      so i was getting the update and i didnt notice i was, but my phone died.
      so when i went to plug it in and turn it on i never got the update. what do i do now since i still have the 2.1?

      • Joey

        The update is still 2.1 just supposed to fix some bugs..It actually didn’t fix any of the problems for me, and a few others I didn’t have before. I wouldn’t update it if your phone is working fine right now. not worth the hassle.

    • Whenever I try to use the touch screen the pulldown menu comes down….
      I wanna throw my phone against the wall!!!!
      how do I fix this?

    • genman02

      Same here, since update, emails disappear when refresh occurs after email server has posted to my laptop. If they are on server, they do not disappear. Phone has been changed out, technical services has ticket issued finally. Now they want me to replace my SIM, stating the problem followed to the new phone. Yet the SIM did not have problem when first got first phone with older software… I want my old software back… SIM will be changed today… ARARRRGGHHHH!

    • John Smithard

      In my contacts I have everyone linked to Facebook. This is great, but for some reason my contacts just wont update. For example; Todd is linked to Facebook in my contacts, Todd updates his Facebook with a new profile picture and a new status; However in my contacts Todd’s old photo and his old status are still under his name in my contact list. Does anyone get me ? If so please help me and tell me how to fix this problem. Thank you.

    • Keali

      How do i get the updates for my phone i totally don’t understand this phone at all!!! i don’t know how to do the updates! and a lot of the times that i try to use the touch screen the notification bar keeps coming down, and a lot of the time my screen freezes and it will freeze and i won’t be able to answer the phone because the screen is frozen. and sometimes i wont be able to dial or text or anything because my phone freezes and the notifaction bar keeps coming down…annoying i want to just throw it against the wall sometimes i swear its so annoying.. worst phone i have ever used!

    • thomas Scoot

      who do you apply the update to the mytouch slide 3g

    • D.Bell