December 21, 2014

USB Tethering Works on Droid with Froyo...But You Have to Pay.

I have been patiently waiting for Froyo for months. The one thing I really wanted was WiFi tethering. Then I found out that wasn’t coming to the Droid.

I was upset. I do a lot of work on the road, and while I can usually handle everything from my Droid – it would be nice to piggy back off the connection and use a larger screen for some of my work.

But I got over it, because I heard that USB tethering was native. My hopes were high, once again. So, I just downloaded and updated to Froyo via the manual method. I couldn’t wait to try out USB tethering (Before you comment, I’m aware of the other options for USB tethering, but for reasons I won’t go into in this rant, they are not ideal for my situation).

I just tried tethering via USB and my browser routes me to this! Yep, it looks like Verizon wants you to pay an extra $20 a month with a 2GB cap to tether to USB!

Verizon, I’m breaking up with you soon, and I think I’ll be going root for the duration of my contract. It’s not me. It’s you.