200,000 Android Activations Every Day

Remember how exciting it was, at the beginning of the year, to hear that 60,000 new Android phones were being activated each day? Then at Google I/O in May, Vic Gundotra announced it was up to 100,000 a day.  And then not long after, that number got bumped up to 160,000. At the Technomy conference yesterday, Google CEO Eric Schmidt annouced that, thanks to new devices like the Droid X, Google is activating 200,000 Android devices every day.

That’d be 6,000,000 a month if it stayed at that rate, but Schmidt also pointed out that the rate hasn’t leveled off at 200,000– we’re still in the middle of huge growth.

In addition, he talked about being “ecstatic” about the revenue that Android is generating for Google. Check out his remarks:


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  1. Strodtbeck
    August 05, 09:27 Reply

    the increase in numbers each month is amazing. . . just wait till all the big phone companies get a couple flagship devices in the market. . .200,000 will seem like nothing then.

    • Scott Webster
      August 05, 09:58 Reply

      How high do you think we can get in 2010? Half a million per day? More?

      • Chuck Falzone
        August 05, 11:26 Reply

        Should be a spike during/just after the holiday season. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear 500,000/day in January 2011.

        • jdog
          August 05, 12:53 Reply

          I’ll be one of those people buying a new phone this holiday if the HTC Emerald is the successor to the Nexus One.

  2. sousou12
    August 05, 12:57 Reply

    sound is verry low:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  3. DCJ
    August 07, 01:38 Reply

    Apple has been played.

  4. Radjin
    August 06, 16:17 Reply

      Where are these Android smart phones. There usage data does not show up anywhere. I suggest that most of these activations are dumb phones that only store numbers and make calls. Let’s see  the number of high end smart phones activated…

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