New AT&T Barcode App, Services Are “Proprietary System” with Limited Capabilities

For those of you who are unaware, I also write for CNET and their AndroidAtlas/CRAVE brands.  Earlier this week I published a post called “AT&T embraces bar code scanning with new app, services” which talked about their 2D/QR efforts.  One of my readers, Roger, runs a website called 2d code and decided to give the AT&T features a run through.  Suffice it to say, he came away less than pleased with the results. 

His finding is that the software is only compatible with select AT&T devices and the data being scanned by the phone is not actually stored in the code.  Rather, it’s hosted elsewhere, making the scanning party use data to access it.  This makes sense from an analytics standpoint, but it stinks for people with phones that don’t have data plans or WiFi capable phones.  Remember, there are lots of feature phones out there still.

Thanks Roger!