Call Your Facebook Friends for Free with Vonage Mobile for Facebook


Vonage has just introduced a new Android app that allows users to call their Facebook  friends using VOIP for free (it is also available for iOS).  The free app does not require a Vonage subscription, but does require both parties to have the Vonage Mobile for Facebook app installed. Once the app is installed,  calls can be made over 3G or Wi-Fi for no cost. Pretty damn cool.

Having just installed the app, I can tell you that it is extremely simple to set up and has a very attractive user interface.  Facebook Friends are displayed in groups; those that can be called with the app have a “V” logo next to their names, those that can’t do not. In addition to this, you can also request friends download the application so they may call you for free. I should also mention that when an incoming call comes through the app, the caller’s Facebook photo and most recent status update are displayed on the screen.

Overall folks, this is a pretty damn good application. I have found it very useful and definitely suggest you download it. Check it out in the Android Market or on App Brain!

Source: Vonage

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  1. Roshan Shrestha
    August 05, 23:46 Reply

    I installed this app on my MyTouch 3g and my wife’s iPhone 3G. Everything works well. When I call my wife, she gets a push notification which when clicked launches the facebook app and we are good to go.When she calls me, AND if the app is active on my Android phone, we can talk.

    However, it seems the app does not run in the background in my Android phone. If I go to my home screen, or open some other app, I do not see the facebook in the task manager. When my wife calls me, she gets “Caller not available to talk” message.

    I think push notification is not available on Android, which however can multitask. I think, for this reason, I always see Google voice running in the task manager.

    • Andy
      August 06, 00:06 Reply

      I have MT3g and have the same problem. Works when it is open, dies when I hit ‘home’. I expect that’s an issue with 1.6?

  2. IY
    August 06, 08:21 Reply

    Above issue sould be an easy fix

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