September 19, 2014

Call Your Facebook Friends for Free with Vonage Mobile for Facebook

Vonage has just introduced a new Android app that allows users to call their Facebook  friends using VOIP for free (it is also available for iOS).  The free app does not require a Vonage subscription, but does require both parties to have the Vonage Mobile for Facebook app installed. Once the app is installed,  calls can be made over 3G or Wi-Fi for no cost. Pretty damn cool.

Having just installed the app, I can tell you that it is extremely simple to set up and has a very attractive user interface.  Facebook Friends are displayed in groups; those that can be called with the app have a “V” logo next to their names, those that can’t do not. In addition to this, you can also request friends download the application so they may call you for free. I should also mention that when an incoming call comes through the app, the caller’s Facebook photo and most recent status update are displayed on the screen.

Overall folks, this is a pretty damn good application. I have found it very useful and definitely suggest you download it. Check it out in the Android Market or on App Brain!

Source: Vonage

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