Nexus One Available Directly from Google Again – As a Developer Phone

Nexus One

Any developers out there who missed their chance to get a carrier free Nexus One directly from Google have been given another opportunity. As the title says, the phone is back available straight from Google according to the Android Developers Blog. I have the Nexus One and got it straight from Google back in January, it is an amazing handset.  Any aspiring developers out there looking for an Android phone to help test out their code can’t go wrong with this.

Also, anyone can buy the phone, you just have to pay the 25 dollar developer fee and the $529 dollar cost of the phone.  What a deal. Nexus One forever! Go Android!

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  1. Garrett 77
    August 06, 01:11 Reply

    So… if I am not a developer, and I own a nexus, can I at least but accessories?

  2. veli akçakaya
    August 06, 05:25 Reply


    i’m from Turkiye and i have nexus one. Nexus one is great. It’s really fast and nice. Everybody should use Android.

    Have a nice day.

  3. Mike Silva
    August 06, 20:44 Reply

    Everybody should have the opportunity to buy the original Google phone: the Nexus One.
    Unfortunately in some countries it has never been available and some users that imported the phone now have a hard time getting some accessories like the car dock :(

  4. Dennis
    August 15, 06:05 Reply

    Does the Android Developer Market still offer engraving for the Nexus One?

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