Nearly Two Thirds of Android Users on 2.1 or Above


The now familiar Platform Version Chart has been updated at the Android Developers site, and for the period ending August 2, it shows nearly 2/3 of users on 2.1 or 2.2. Android 2.1 accounts for 59.7%, and 2.2 for 4.5%. Together, that’s 64.2%.

With the rash of Froyo updates going out now, the 2.2 slice is likely to get a lot bigger soon, but it will mostly be eating away at 2.1’s share in the near term. We’ll also likely see the steady decline of 1.5 and 1.6 continue.


  1. As a victim of Motorola’s “CLIQ™ with MOTOBLUR™” (as they write it), which is apparently Motorola’s hated proverbial “Red-Headed Stepchild” phone line, with it’s long promised 2.1 upgrade apparently on the same release schedule as “Duke Nuke’em Forever” (i.e. “When it’s ready. Now shut up and leave us alone”), I just have one thing to say:


    (Some of us are somewhat unhappy being still stuck with the crippled MOTOBLUR™ interface and Android 1.5…)

  2. I wish 1.x would just decline and go away like the article says. But it’s not going to happen (due to what other comments are telling), and as long as 1.x takes > 10% of the market, most app developers will have to support it.

  3. YouTube has instructions for upgrading to 2.1 on US Cliq’s .

    Works on mine the only thing that the video referencing modmymobile website did not tell was that when entering username for blur press the menu key and change the cloud to the production cloud.
    I think it’s tons better than 1.5


  4. If the carriers and phone makers such as Samsung wouldn’t just abandon their older but fully capable phones like the Cliq and Behold 2, etc. then everyone could move on to a uniform OS. Instead you have users like me stuck on 1.6, others stuck on 1.5.